Chronicling one of the most spectacular events of the sixteenth century, The Armada is the definitive story of the English fleet s infamous defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 The esteemed and critically acclaimed historian Garrett Mattingly explores all dimensions of the naval campaign, which cap

After the accession of Elizabeth I in 1558, Protestant England was beset by the hostile Catholic powers of Europe, including Spain In October 1585, King Philip II of Spain declared his intention to destroy Protestant England and began preparing invasion plans, leading to an intense intelligence war

Ships from Spain Please allow 10 18 business days to arrive at UK address 10 21 worldwide due to postal service checks and customs A story of kings and poets, saints and conquistadors, emperors and revolutionaries A story of Torquemada, Cervantes, Picasso, Franco, Saint Theresa of the Alhambra

This classic history of Cornwall provides a comprehensive review of Britain s most south westerly county With absorbing detail, Halliday relates the story of the Bronze Age stone circles and Iron Age citadels the coming of the Saints the dissolution of the monasteries and the Tudor rebellions th

Osprey s examination of the Armada Campaign of 1588 In the latter part of the 16th century, Spain was the major international power and her leader, King Phillip II, pledged to conquer the Protestant heretics in England He envisioned a two pronged attack He would send his Invincible Armada of 12