Trailer ☆ Calculus PDF by à Gilbert Strang

Trailer ☆ Calculus PDF by à Gilbert Strang The Math book Here you ll find everything you need to teach yourself the basics of Calculus single multi , period With this wonderful textbook I had been able to cover most of the materials of Calculus in about ten days of organized work, with a strong background obviously.
You don t need so many tips in order to enjoy this masterpiece, just take your time and do as much exercises as you prefer Gilbert Strang S Calculus Textbook Is Ideal Both As A Course Companion And For Self Study The Author Has A Direct Style His Book Presents Detailed And Intensive Explanations Many Diagrams And Key Examples Are Used To Aid Understanding, As Well As The Application Of Calculus To Physics And Engineering And Economics The Text Is Well Organized, And It Covers Single Variable And Multivariable Calculus In Depth An Instructor S Manual And Student Guide Are Available Online At Http Ocwmit Ans Resources Strang AB SO LUTE LY NOT.
I wanted to love this book Seriously It s free it s easy to download there are supplementary materials But I cannot imagine a worse book to learn Calculus from conversational to the point that it s ludicrous, convoluted problems, confusing text, and relying heavily on theory rather than practice Maybe you can understand this if you have taken Calculus before I haven t We are using this book in my class this year and I have not found a single individual who thinks this book is clear and or concise and or worth the time it takes to read it or the paper it is printed on.
Please, for the love of God, ANYTHING except this Calculus book.
Calculus Good for what it is aimed at developing the intuition of Calculus rather than the analytical grit Even so, I give it a 4 mainly because it s also free On the other hand, Lang s treatment of Calculus only a skim is at the same level, but isfocused on the mathematics, which I think would have served me better had I known about it before.

This book is amazing And I got it for free from the MIT website, where I found it while watching some videos trying to brush up on polar coordinates and hyperbolic integrals Don t ask why I am such a geek After I worked through my problem, I circled back and began reading the book And I was amazed at the clarity of the text It is officially the second best Calculus textbook I ve seen the best was a Dover book that I found in college by Morris Klein Strang makes the concepts behind the Calculus intuitively clear, and doesn t get bogged down in proofs Which, after all, makes sense Since Newton and Leibniz were trying to solve a physical problem the instantaneous velocity of an accelerating object when they developed the Calculus I think every high school and college should use this text Instead of the new and improved texts weighing in at 2000 pages and costing 250 But I digress Gilbert Strang is extremely competent and this is reflected in the content of this book A caveat would be that at places I would say he is TOO competent, since some of the seemingly trivial steps and proofs were at a pace where I began to struggle Fortunately, Khan Academy and Strang s own courses at MIT OCW stepped in and did what this book did not The breadth of application and theory is also astonishing The same with the number of exercises This is good because Strang will make coherence of infinite series, integrals, vector spaces and so on and tie it all together The bad thing is that this is A LOT to take in when you re just wondering how the hell to do this one specific exercise Much of it felt extracurricular to me At MIT, it s probably not.
I read it as a PDF, downloaded from the MIT website

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