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[ Read Online The Rook Í azeroth PDF ] by Daniel O'Malley ç Epistolary Buddy read courtesy of the BBB masochists DNF at 62%.
Introducingthe Be Happy Little Barnacles for this Shall not Be a Pit Stop Requiring Review Review BHLBftSnBaPSRRR Because I don t have time to write yet another Oh Bloody Hell this Review is so Long I Might Have Great Grandchildren by the Time I Finish Reading it Review OBHtRisLIMHGGbtTIFRiR And because I ve wasted enough time on this book as it is So let s do this Let s Warning yes, the crap shall be cut in this review, but worry not, for it will be tastefully decorated with a crap load of gifs to make up for the demoralizing lack of words Lucky youFact 1 I would have enjoyed this a lot if it hadn t been a very pale imitation of a Tom Holt book Minus the total wackiness But it was, so I didn t Fact 2 I would have enjoyed this a lot if the author hadn t page turner, page turner lady wakes in park with no memory battered bruised bloody surrounded by dead people that she killed with her bare hands cause she has special powers the same special powers that i have often imagined myself having if dreams came true quelle coincidence the narrative is propulsive the ideas are automatically right up my alley the whole thing is clearly built for fun i gave it to a colleague and he immediately halted the book he was reading because the jacket description alone was enough to give him a massive boner same here but i could have been challenged or surprised a bit the narrative goes back and forth between the present day actions of the woman before us and past letters that the woman she used to be wrote to Audio re read so I can carry on with the next book There are too many next books I need to get read I freaking loved this book I can t believe this was the author s first book It s got all kinds of cray, some ewww, some funny parts Well, I almost peed my pants at times but I digress.
Myfanwy Thomas, known as Rook Thomas, wakes up not knowing who she is There are dead bodies all around There is a note in her pocket and lots of instructions and letters through out the book Rook Thomas has powers along with all kinds of creatures do that her form of government work to oversee so to speak I m still confused as to whether Rook Thomas was before and was she after only people that have read the book will know what I m talking about Maye D And then there is Rook Gesalt Wasn t it great fun I will let you all meet it for yourself God, I freaking loved Myfanwy and Shantay together Sh Finally First great read of the year Admittedly, that s because I m hoarding Days of Blood Starlight and The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There like a survivalist with canned goods, or a chocoholic with a secret stash of Toblerone in the back of the freezer not that I m speaking from experience And while I tempered down my five stars to a reasonable four, the fact is this was a perfect read the first time through I ll save the detailed summary this is one time when the blurb gets it right It starts rather hard core action movie woman coming to consciousness in a midst of a circle of bodies, no memory of self or events, dripping from the rain and blood She discovers an envelope in her pocket from the Myfanwy That Was Soon it evolves into a James Bond style government agency spy thriller crunched with identity disorientation of The Bourne Ident I tried to like this book, I really did I have disliked so many books lately that I am afraid of becoming a book curmudgeon But this book deserved my dislike it ASKED for my dislike This book reads like the beloved project of the geeky high school junior who has been told by too many English teachers that he has talent and should be a WRITER What little action takes place, does so between enormous wads of italic description You know how you ve read books in which a character finds letters left behind, that help her figure out what s going on Imagine a suitcase full of letters Imagine a fictional world that is so weak and spindly it needs pages of explanation to keep it going Imagine an amnesiac taking the helm of a major international organization and nobody being the wiser Imagine high school humor mas

99 Kindle sale, July 14, 2019 Loved it Review posted at www.
com As Daniel O Malley s supernatural thriller The Rook book one of THE CHECQUY FILES begins, Myfanwy Thomas comes to herself with complete amnesia She s standing in a London park at night Surrounding her is a ring of motionless bodies They are all wearing latex gloves.
Myfanwy rhymes with Tiffany finds two letters in her jacket pocket from her former self Dear You, The body you are wearing used to be mine I m writing this letter for you to read in the future.
Myfanwy s former self was aware that in some way her brain was going to be magically wiped of all memories, and did her best to smooth the way for future memory less Myfanwy by writing a number of letters to herself All you need to I mean, I loved this book Myfanwy Thomas wakes up with a note that says, This body used to be mine YEAH I LOVE AMNESIA PLOTS Except this is a bit than that Secret societies are kind of my fave, and this book builds a GREAT one The secret Chequey I love all the chess terms battle supernatural forces in the world, and this new amnesiac is now fully immersed in it I definitely felt like this could be a TV show, the richness of the world is so good The tone is a bit hard to grasp, but it s classic British serious but also cheeky , so once you get on the tricycle you re golden It s just FUN, like Dr Who.
The pacing of this book was the only part I can quibble with, a bit erratic at times, but the world building was rich Sale Alert Oct 13, 2019 Kindle Deal for 3.
99You ve woken up and are surrounded by a handful of dead people wearing gloves and have no idea who you are or how you got there But luckily there is a note and with this note and a few others you learn about a world you had no idea even existed Dear You, The odds of your reading this are slim to none Who would choose uncertainty and vaguely worded warnings over a new life of wealth and luxury I can only assume that you were put under a massive amount of stress, touched someone s skin, and they were paralyzed Or blinded Or lost the ability to speak Or befouled themselves Or one of several other effects that I won t outline right now.
Well the good news is that at least you woke up awesome with some kin This is ridiculous, she thought I m possessed of terrifying powers Why am I relying on a ridiculous little gun that I picked because I thought it was cute I don t need this thing She threw it contemptuously over her shoulder.
There s something foul wandering the underground tunnels beneath my office, something that s invisible to my vaunted powers.
Where s my gunThis book is X Men meets X Files meets The Bourne Identity meets Johnny English And that may sound like a clusterfuck to end all clusterfucks, but somehow it works, or maybe my mind is just trying to make it better than it is because I m coming off a massive chain of horrible books Whatever I loved it.
If this book were made into a movie, I can totally see Tina Fey in the lead role.
The good Witty, dry, humorous writing A female assassin secret agent not afraid to kill A fun and interesting secret agency, think paranorm The Body You Are Wearing Used To Be Mine So Begins The Letter Myfanwy Thomas Is Holding When She Awakes In A London Park Surrounded By Bodies All Wearing Latex Gloves With No Recollection Of Who She Is, Myfanwy Must Follow The Instructions Her Former Self Left Behind To Discover Her Identity And Track Down The Agents Who Want To Destroy HerShe Soon Learns That She Is A Rook, A High Ranking Member Of A Secret Organization Called The Chequy That Battles The Many Supernatural Forces At Work In Britain She Also Discovers That She Possesses A Rare, Potentially Deadly Supernatural Ability Of Her Own In Her Quest To Uncover Which Member Of The Chequy Betrayed Her And Why, Myfanwy Encounters A Person With Four Bodies, An Aristocratic Woman Who Can Enter Her Dreams, A Secret Training Facility Where Children Are Transformed Into Deadly Fighters, And A Conspiracy Vast Than She Ever Could Have ImaginedFilled With Characters Both Fascinating And Fantastical, The Rook Is A Richly Inventive, Suspenseful, And Often Wry Thriller That Marks An Ambitious Debut From A Promising Young Writer

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