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[Friedrich Glauser] ¸ Der Chinese [zimbabwe PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ When, In Later Years, Sergeant Studer Told The Story Of The Chinaman, He Called It The Story Of Three Places, As The Case Unfolded In A Swiss Country Inn, In A Poorhouse, And In A Horticultural College Three Places And Two Murders Anna Hungerlott, Supposedly Dead From Gastric Influenza, Left Behind Handkerchiefs With Traces Of Arsenic One Foggy November Morning The Enigmatic James Farny, Nicknamed The Chinaman By Studer, Was Found Lying On Anna S Grave Murdered, A Single Pistol Shot To The Heart That Did Not Pierce His Clothing This Is The Fourth In The Sergeant Studer SeriesFriedrich Glauser Is A Legendary Figure In European Crime Writing He Was A Morphine And Opium Addict Much Of His Life And Began Writing Crime Novels While An Inmate Of The Swiss Asylum For The Insane At Waldau dirty forks Maigret esque Fabulous Terse.
This is book 4 of Friedrich Glauser s Sergent Studer series I think of the 5 books I liked this one the best These books were written back in 1930s in Germany and recently translated into English Glauser s portrayal of a detective trying to solve a murder with only the limited forensics and knowledge of the day and the social class all are locked into This isn t someone from today writing about what it was like then It was someone writing then on what he knows in that time period The characters are flawed and you can t help but like Sergent Studer.
I liked this book from the beginning The descriptions crackle with atmosphere Studer is a detective in the Martin Beck Maigret mold but the Swiss settings provide a different flavor Felt very contemporary for 1939.
The best protagonists are always flawed, and Wachtmeister Studer is no exception I read 1 or 2 of these in the original German when I was a kid and enjoyed them, so when I saw these new translations I thought I would see how well they preserved the character of the originals I am happy to say that they did quite well, actually Good and gritty reads, all of them.
Accanto all ottimo intreccio giallo, Il cinese, insieme a Il regno di Matto, l opera di Glauser in cui pi chiaramente emerge la feroce critica sociale e morale dell autore al modello svizzero Precursore di D rrenmatt eh I picked this book based on the publisher I wasn t impressed, but I would give it an ok mark 2.
5 stars.
It is not often that I give 5 stars for a book I have read, nothing is perfect, but I have become a Friedrich Glauser fan, although the stories around the Criminal inspector Studer all come form the 1930 s I had seen the Swiss film of The Chinese who is not chinese actually and decided to read the book The plot begins with a dead man on a grave, and develops in to a murder mystery all in a small village somewhere in the Kanton of Bern, an area which I know well and the places used for the plot I have also visited I read the book in the original German, with a touch of the Swiss language, but it seems it is also available in English I loved the end where Inspector Studer clarifies everything I do not want to spoil the book for other prospective readers, but I can recommend it and hope that the english translation does it the credit it deserves a good, quick read it was translated, but they did a pretty decent job

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