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Download Epub Format ✓ The Reconnection PDF by ✓ Eric Pearl Jos itsens ja muiden parantaminen kiinnostaa niin t ss voisi olla hyv opus johon tutustua Me olemme energiaa ja kaikki muukin on energiaa T ss kirjassa selitettiin jotenkin hienosti miten ja miksi energialla voisi parantaa En tyrm ajatusta kokeilematta.
This will probably sound woo woo to many people Eric Pearl s personality may put some people off I enjoy his humor, as he takes the mystery out of energy healing I read the book, felt the energies, took the healing levels one and two, and experienced The Reconnection I have felt a major shift in my consciousness If you feel the energy in your hands as you read the book, pursue it.
Why Are Prominent Doctors And Medical Researchers All Over The World Interested In The Extraordinary Healings Reported By The Patients Of Dr Eric Pearl What Does It Mean When These Patients Report The Sudden Disappearance Of Afflictions Such As Cancer, AIDS, And Cerebral Palsy And What Does It Mean When People Who Interact With Dr Pearl Report A Sudden Ability To Access This Healing Energy Not Just For Themselves, But For Others, Too What Is This Phenomenon Well, You Might Have To Reconsider Everything You Ve read Up Until Now About Conventional Healing The New Frequencies Of Healing Described By Dr Pearl Transcend Technique Entirely And Bring You To Levels Beyond Those Previously Accessible To Anyone, Anywhere This Book Takes You On Eric Pearl S Journey From The Discovery Of His Ability To Heal, To His Well Deserved Reputation As The Instrument Through Which This Process Is Being Introduced To The World But Most Important, The Reconnection Reveals Methods You Can Use To Personally Master These New Healing Energies Witty, humorous, and thoughtful Can be read in an evening, barring interruptions The first third of the book is primarily biographical which provided apersonal connection with the author The rest of the book describes Reconnective Healing and its meaning Then finally, Dr Pearl explains the how tos , giving some basic tips to practice on.
As Dr Pearl suggests I am rereading the book now and will most likely read it a few timesbetween loaning it to friends.
I bought the Spanish edition fromrequested by my Argentine husband who has begun to do some of the suggested exercises.
I dearly hope that energy healing will replace allopathic western medicine and eventually put corporate health care back with the archaic practices of the past century The website is www.
TheReconne Amazing Just the information I was searching for.
Eric Pearl is a character I genuinely enjoyed his book and learning from him at the Los Angeles conference Reconnective Healing is powerful stuff A good read for anyone interested in energy healing His work is modern and alive.
weird while and after reading the book i felt there is something funny with my hands is it true may be i had been activated.

This a very motivational book to read in my opinion He discusses real challenges in his life that he had to overcome to be successful It leaves you realizing it is just not you who has to jump through hoops it is many others also He would reach a level of success for it to collapse, like the perfect life picnic that gets ants.
I was profoundly drawn to Dr Eric Pearl when saw his brief appearance in The Living Matrix Researched and got his book, was compelled to fast track to the back sections then slowly read the rest at leisure From his book, what he teaches and conveys, I can t help but am overjoyed to read and learn further truths that has taught my soul a thing or two Simplicity and truth is what Eric Pearl keeps anchoring in, which resonates with my soul right to the core, and confirms and reaffirms so much I feel and know, but that often gets challenged by many olderestablished spiritual practices My deepest respect for a man who is a highly evolved soul, enlightened, though he himself would not use that word He is one who has come in this lifetime to bring this great leap forward for mankind, This is a book that could actually change your life.
Dr Pearl was a successful chiropractor when he began to have strange experiences he had in fact since birth, and probably before, had strange experiences.
He began to treat people by waving his hands intuitively through their aura, after which they moved their head, eyes and other parts of the body in unexpected ways, and also channelled messages for him Miracles happened his patients were cured of incurable ailments.
Pearl had been advised to get hold of a moldavite crystal, and it turned out this stone had the ability to open up communication with angels, entities and beings from other planets Pearl states I put the stone in my pocket, and the channelling started The messages channelled

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