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[ Read Online When My Brother Was an Aztec ä jewellery-making PDF ] by Natalie Díaz ê When My Brother Was an Aztec is a debut poetry collection The poems are vivid with language, family history, cultural struggle, and struggles in the body Before I wrote this review, I spent almost an hour watching Natalie perform her poems and talk about her poems and life on YouTube It was interesting to hear her talk about her work to help her people retain the Mojave language, and her family s reactions to her poems She writes about her brother s meth addiction in particular, and its effect on her family and community.
Some of my favorites When My Brother Was an Aztec he lived in our basement and sacrificed my parentsevery morning Why I Hate RaisinsThe Red Blues possibly the best menstruation poem ever Tortilla Smoke A Genesis Some tortillas wandered the dry groundlike bright tribes As a Consequence of My Brother Stealing All the Lightbulbs we are always digging each Natalie Diaz, ConjurerPoetry as turgid with metaphors, as disturbing, raw, and, a veces, humorous and sly and naughty doesn t happen often, but in this collection When My Brother Was an Aztec Natalie Diaz manages to travel this bumpy terrain with such a sure hand that the result is staggering Perhaps a part of the intensity of her writing is that as a woman born and raised on an Indian Reservation and that, without parody intended, is why she writes like a necromancer, an augurer, a sorceress a conjurer This poet sees feels defines life in a situation close to her so well that she makes her reader finish a poem ad immediately return to the top of the poem to make sure it is fully digested before moving on to the next experience read Natalie Diaz and understand life on a reservation.
ABECEDARIAN REQUIRING FURTHER EXAMINATION OF ANGLI A book so lush it left me drunk Serious, painful poems about the narrator s relationship with her drug addicted brother Poems of passion and longing Poems riffing off works by Lorca and Rimbaud A clever commentary on our paranoid post 9 11 world in which oranges become the new vehicles of evil The power of red, the sensual attraction of apples The knots of family love.
These poems contain so much and examine with great intensity love that sometimes borders on hate, on feelings that seem to great for a human to contain.
Fabulous work.

The most prominent part of Diaz s When My Brother Was an Aztec is the exploration of the poet s identity, growing up in the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation as in Hand Me Down Halloween , and coming to terms with her brother s meth addiction as in No More Cake Here The year we moved off the reservation a white boy up the street gave me a green trash bagfat with corduroys, bright collared shirts a two piece Tonto costumeturquoise thunderbird on the chest shirt pants Hand Me Down Halloween pg 6 Two mutants came to the door.
One looked almost human They wantedto know if my brother had willed them the potsand pans and spoons stacked in his basement bedroom.
They said they missed my brother s cooking and did wehave any cake No cake here, I told them Well, what s in the pi atathey asked I told themGod was and they ran into the deser This is one of my favourite all time poetry collections, one I ve read many times and often share poems from it with students I love how Diaz combines the mythic with the sharp realities of her Mojave family life uncomfortable but luxurious, vibrant and tragic, erotic and linguistically baroque If I could give it ten stars I would I can t wait for her next book and have seen samples published in various magazines that promise it will be even better.
Such a strong debut This is one of my favorites in my month of poetry reads This book has stayed with me in the days since I read it, and it begs for a re read.
I have only three words read THIS BOOK.
I Write Hungry Sentences, Natalie Diaz Once Explained In An Interview, Because They Want And Lyricism And Imagery To Satisfy Them This Debut Collection Is A Fast Paced Tour Of Mojave Life And Family Narrative A Sister Fights For Or Against A Brother On Meth, And Everyone From Antigone, Houdini, Huitzilopochtli, And Jesus Is Invoked And Invited To Hash It Out These Darkly Humorous Poems Illuminate Far Corners Of The Heart, Revealing Teeth, Tails, And Than A Few Dreams I Watched A Lion Eat A Man Like A Piece Of Fruit, Peel Tendons From Fascialike Pith From Rind, Then Lick The Sweet Meat From Its Hard Core Of BonesThe Man Had Earned This Feast And His Own Deliciousness By Ringing A Stickagainst The Lion S Cage, Calling Out Here, Kitty Kitty, Meow W Ith One Swipe Of A Paw Much Like A Catcher S Mitt With Fangs, The Lionpulled The Man Into The Cage, Rattling His Skeleton Against The Metal Bars The Lion Didn T Want To Do It He Didn T Want To Eat The Man Like A Piece Of Fruit And He Told The Crowdthis I Only Wanted Some Goddamn Sleep Natalie Diaz Was Born And Raised On The Fort Mojave Indian Reservation In Needles, California After Playing Professional Basketball For Four Years In Europe And Asia, Diaz Returned To The States To Complete Her MFA At Old Dominion University She Lives In Surprise, Arizona, And Is Working To Preserve The Mojave Language Sharp, angry poems with a fine eye toward metaphor and repetition Part II, which deals primarily with her brother s struggles with drug addition, was particularly brutal At times I felt like the book might have benefited from a smaller selection of poems, since so many retread the same thematic territory but there s no specific poem I would have cut, and perhaps that s just my own discomfort with the subject matter speaking Part III, which leans toward lesbian love poetry, was an unexpected treat after that Some passages that particularly resonated When My Brother Was an Aztec My parents gatheredwhat he d left of their bodies, trying to stand within legs,trying to defend his blows with missing arms, searching for their fingersto pray A Woman with No Legs There were a fair number of poems in here I liked a lot And there were some that didn t do so much for me Generally, I liked the ones about the history of conflict between American Indians and European settlers and how her own experiences growing up reflected that conflict , about women, about desire sex, and about her brother going to war.
I didn t so much like the ones about the eponymous brother and his meth habit Which is maybe because some drug usage is sort of squicky to me, but also, I think, because there was a lot of repetition in those poems And there was a sort of niceness there, in that they all flowed into each other, and read as a cohesive series But it felt like there wasn t enough to distinguish them from each other I guess I didn t really understand what she was doing with form in each poem I didn t understand w

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