Ù That Thing at the Zoo (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter #0.5) ¼ Download by Ù James R. Tuck

Ù That Thing at the Zoo (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter #0.5) ¼ Download by Ù James R. Tuck This is a really cool novella.
Deacon Chalk is a kick ass monster hunter who doesn t shy away from taking extreme measures to get the job done He s gruff, direct to the point of rude, but likeable and with an intriguing past.
The world building is minimal, but effective enough to set a dark mood for this story, which is well written, fast paced and full of action Next to a really cool and explosive tale of monster hunting and slaying this novella gives small hints to what other horrors Deacon might encounter in the future and it made me eager to read about Deacon and the world he lives in.
As with every good story, this novella was much too short and I m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Tuck s full sized novel Blood and Bullets, so I can get my next Deacon Chalk fix.
That Thing At the Zoo is a good size dark urban fantasy prequel novella introducing a character whose physical appearance I can picture perfectly Rarely can I say that, I m mostly left with a vague overall impression but Mr Deacon Chalke is a man that cannot and will not be ignored He s an intimidating 6 4 and 300 pounds Think WWE star with no hair and lots of tattoos This guy looks like he could cause trouble and with a classic muscle car complete with a 4 corpse trunk full of weapons, he s equipped to deal with it Reminds me of a certain beloved Impala belonging to a pair of monster hunting brothers on TV Loved that show.
Bottom line Deacon Chalk, occult bounty hunter, is a total badass He could kick Harry Dresden s butt easy peasy And that brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.
You may actively avoid meeting Deacon on the street or a dark alley but he s not the thug his a Shredding Monsters Is His Stock And Trade He Sniffs Them Out, Tracks Them Down, And Corners Them End Of Story But When The Tables Are Turned, Expect The UnexpectedKnowing His Enemy Is A Rule Deacon Chalk Swears By But He S Never Seen Anything Like Whatever Is Leaving The Atlanta Zoo S Most Dangerous Predators Bloodless, Skinned, And Hanging High In The Treetops And He S Only Got Until Sunrise To Keep It From Turning The Entire City Into A Slaughterhouse Now Deacon Is In Zoo Lockdown With A Handful Of Staffers To Save His Zookeeper Backup Has Guts Than Monster Hunting Experience And The Only Chance Deacon Has To Run This Thing To Holy Ground Is To Unleash His Darkest, Most Uncontrollable Instincts Deacon Chalk is an Occult Bounty Hunter To finance his hunting, he owns a strip club where he occasionally employs someone that had need of his skills He lost his wife and kids to the monsters that go bump in the night He is a tough guy that tweaks your heart with moments of vulnerability and the next he had you laughing out loud This is not for the faint of heart There are blood, guts, and gore but I loved his voice and bad assery.
Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of urban fantasy, especially darker, male oriented urban fantasyTrigger Warnings murder of animals and humans, evil babiesMy Thoughts This is a doozy of an introduction to Deacon Chalk, that s for sure I ve been wanting to read this series for some kind, so I finally just decided to buckle down and do it since I had the time this week This is just an introductory, prequel novella, but it gives a very good taste of what is to come Deacon is a very complex character and I m looking forward to learning of his backstory and seeing him in action in the first full length novel in the series, Blood and Bullets I was also very excited to learn that the author runs a tattoo studio only about an hour away from where I live, so who knows Maybe my next tattoo will be done by someone famous Stay tuned Series I Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty A short, descriptive introduction to the dark and gritty world of Deacon Chalk, monster hunter.
Opening Sentence Tell me what it is I m looking at The Review I was really excited when I received That Thing at the Zoo to read for review It looked like an interesting new series with a lot of promising potential I am a huge horror fan and this appealed to me on so many levels Let me just say that I was not disappointed.
That Thing at the Zoo is a prequel to James Tuck s upcoming debut dark urban fantasy, Blood and Bullets In this novella we get an introduction to the main character, a badass, gun toting monster hunter, Deacon Chalk Deacon s world was turned upside down when he learned that monsters really existed, they You may also read my review here R Tuck s Blood and Bullets is coming out on Feb 7th, but you can meet his hero, Deacon Chalke, before then in this down and dirty novella Deacon is a supernatural bounty hunter with a grudge, and he s been called to the Atlanta zoo to hunt down a rather nasty creature that s been preying on zoo employees and animals alike With the help of a zookeeper who proudly sports a mullet , Deacon takes on a hungry and vicious evil, and it loves the taste of humans You ll zip through this one lightning fast, and Tuck doesn t waste time on flowery prose Deacon is a man s man, but he s got plenty of personal pain to contend with, and it than fuels his prowess as a bounty hunter That Thing at the Zoo is a great intro to Tuck s new series, and will have you adding Blood and Bullets to your pre order list pronto I was looking forward to getting stuck into the first book in the Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter series, when I found out there was a novella prequel So, I got myself a copy for my Kindle and got stuck into it this morning.
Deacon has been called into the Atlanta Zoo after three animals are found dead, skinned and bloodless With just a few of the zoo staff left behind, the zoo is on lockdown But Deacon s not alone, he s got a few people able to help him narrow down what he could be dealing with But even when he works it out, he still didn t expect how everything turns out.
This novella was great Deacon s so kick ass, but still has certain vulnerabilities I loved the horror, action, mystery and I m also intrigued by his past Can t wait to find out about what happened to his family.
Yeah, this is going to be another awesome urban fantasy series

Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS That Thing At The Zoo is a prequel novella set approximately six months before the events of Blood and Bullets The novella is about 80 odd pages long and is divided into eleven chapters Akin to Blood and Bullets, this prequel story is also narrated by Deacon Chalk The story premise focuses on the Atlanta zoo wherein someone or something is slaughtering the animals however the peculiar nature of the kill is what gets Deacon invited to the crime scene Detective John Longyard knows about Deacon s past and is a part of it he also has some semblance of foresight into Deacon s current goals He brings Deacon to the zoo to solve the problem and that s when the bedlam begins.
I really enjoyed reading this novella as it felt that the author s strengths were maximi Deacon is an occult bounty hunter, still trying to get over the death of his wife and kids His latest job is to stop a beast that is stalking the zoo and mutilating the animals He has to take on a helper Jimmy the redneck zookeeper as his normal team are not with him.
I liked this story First we had a good urban fantasy plot with the deadly beast stalking the zoo at night and Deacon setting traps to capture and kill it There is a lot of good tension and action sequences in those dark shadows of the zoo closed at night It would be a bit of a creepy place to be hunting vampires and things I can t really say much else about the plot without telling the whole story but urban fantasy fans should enjoy it.
The second good thing about it was the characters Deacon himself is the k

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