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[ Read Online A Storm Hits Valparaiso Î back-to-school PDF ] by David Gaughran » Catalina Flores De La Pe A S Tongue Got Her In Trouble Than Any Other Part Of Her Body, Even Though There Were Far Likely Candidates But When A Storm Rolls Into Her Sleepy Port Town, She Finds Herself Embroiled With A Gang Of Adventurers, Mercenaries, And Prostitutes On A Journey To Free South America From The Spanish Empire A Storm Hits Valpara So Is An Epic Historical Adventure Starring Two Brothers Torn Apart By Love A Slave Running For His Life A Disgraced British Sailor Seeking Redemption And Jos De San Mart N, An Argentine General Who Deserts The Spanish Army To Lead A Bloody Revolt Against His Former Masters Praise For A Storm Hits ValparaisoA Work Of Sweeping Historical Fiction That Captivates And Entertains Engaging And Richly Textured John D Glass, Author Of Legend Of Zodiac David Gaughran Has Woven A Captivating Story Set During This Dangerous Period In South America S History I D Happily Recommend It To Fans Of The Genre Tracy Cook, Booked Up Reviews A Romping Classico It Reminded Me Of Louis De Berni Res SR Noss, Author Of Life On The Suburban Fringe An Ambitious Story Of Love And Betrayal, Victory And Defeat In Characters Drawn From Real Historical Figures, The Author Delves Into The Politics Of War And How Battles Turn On The Smallest Of Details Or The Whims Of A Single Man JW Manus, Author Of The Devil His Due This is a fine and deftly woven account of the long struggle for South American independence Through rotating viewpoints, author David Gaughran shows the various groups participating in that struggle Chilean tavern keepers daughter runaway black slave with this master s brand burned into his chest Indian miner from the mountains of Peru young cousins raised as brothers on a subsistance rancho in Argentina a brilliant strategist from the British navy and the visionary leader San Martin.
The story is lively and fast moving While there s plentiful description of numerous battles, the detail never slows the pace Through it all we see the tremendous human cost of liberating an entire, vast continent To help readers imagine the scale of the struggle described here, imagine trying to draw together small factions scattered from Washington Sta I appreciate that this book exists as it gave me a quick summary of the struggle for independence of some South American countries That was not enough for me to give this book a good review.
I think that this story of historical fiction is reminiscent of James Michener s two volume set of the beginnings of South Africa That tome was enjoyable and dealt with the full history of South Africa.
A Storm Hits Valparaiso misses the boat in telling a thoughtful story of the independence of some South American countries It is choppy and muddled I found some chapter breaks in the middle of a continuing thought and at other times, dramatic changes were not chapter breaks This book takes on too many countries in one story It would have fared better by concen While I found the overall arc of the story to be an interesting look at the war in South America, I thought the author would have been better served focus on a smaller set of characters and a smaller portion of the history The books follows a large number of characters, some interesting than others, through their individual roles in the liberation of South America from the Spanish The sense of timing was difficult for me to follow, as some chapters would cover one afternoon in one character s life, and then the next chapter of equal length would cover a multi month military campaign including pivotal battles dealt with in a paragraph or two Many of the events in some characters lives that we learned about again, often in detail than any of the actual battles of the war ended up just being anecdotes unrelated to what happens to the c This is about the South American countries as they waged revolutionary wars for their freedom from Spain Historical fiction, and I usually enjoy it, but this one had way too many battle descriptions for my liking.
This work of historical fiction reads like a history textbook than a novel The events are all there, but overall the writing appears to me to be unfocused and, at times, one dimensional The few main characters never seemed to come to life for me, and perhaps I was expecting too much of a novel which attempts to cover so much history over many years Three stars.
A well written historical novel about the fight for independence in South America It was a bloody, savage fight for freedom from the Spanish, and the fictional part of the story keeps you interested while you are actually learning history.
Loved this in the beginning, but the second half read like a history text I was disappointed that these great characters were left to such flat, static endings Could have been an amazing historical novelvery disappointing.
I have a lot of respect for David Gaughran I read his blog daily and his non fiction work Let s Get Digital manages to be both inspiring and of practical use so when I saw the chance to get a review copy of his first novel, A Storm Hits Valparaiso I jumped at it, not lease because I saw it as a way of repaying a little bit of what I ve gotten from David over the past several months.
A Storm Hits Valparaiso is an epic story of love, hate, brotherhood, power, revenge, and the thirst for independence told from the points of view of a variety of people in positions both high and low For the sake of perspective, Historical Fiction is not a genre I read a lot and I have no particular interest in South America My home genre is Epic Fantasy though, so I am fully ready to accept a story that spans a continent where what s at stake is the lives of every single p A Good ReadI enjoyed it very much The was good interplay between the historical aspect and the story line A good read.

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