ì Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) ê Download by ↠´ Kevin Waltman

ì Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) ê Download by ↠´ Kevin Waltman I believe the author s purpose was to teach kids how to handle adversity The reason I believe it is directed towards kids is because it is about a high schooler, so this helps the main character relateto the kids Many times throughout the story, Derrick Bowen a.
a D Bow, the main character, has to get back up after being knocked down One of the very first times this happens is when he does not make the starting five over his teammate Nick Starks He handles this adversity by working longer hours with the coaches to make his game better, slowly but surely He also has to handle his dad not making as much money as he used to because he wasn t needed as much Maturely, he handles this by being smarter with his money The theme of this story is that sometimes you have to make the hard decisions The main hard decisi Next is an Extremely awesome book I encourage everyone to read this book or at least give it a chance You wont regret it It starts out with Derrick D Bow Bowen just entering high school He is determined to be the best player on the team and wants to be the first freshman to do it Marion East High School loses a lot and every year they get wiped out by every other team But when Derrick enters the team he really is the best player He leads the team to second place in their regional tournament as a freshman read this book to learnabout D Bow s Basketball career and his romance with The former best basketball player Nick Starks Ex Girlfriend Jasmine.
In Indiana, Basketball Is The Next Thing To Religion Especially For Inner City Black Kids Like Derrick Bowen He S A Freshman, Lightning Quick, And He Can Slam The Rock He Wants To Start At Point Guard For Marion High, But Senior Nick Starks Has That Nailed Down Besides, The Coach Is Old School He Thinks D Bow Needs To Work On His Game, His Shot, And His Attitude That Means Bench Time And That S When Hamilton Academy, The Elite School In The Suburbs, Comes Sniffing Around They Want D Bow For The Next Three Years His Mom Wants No Part Of That But His Father Needs A Job, And Uncle Kid, Who Is A Bitter Ex Star At Marion High, Has His Own Plans Yeah, There S A Pretty Girl And A Best Friend In The Mix Plus Plenty Of Basketball Action And Suspense Just Like High School Boys Like To ReadKevin Waltman, A Native Of Indianapolis, Indiana, Was A High School Player And Remains A Huge Basketball Fan Next Is His Third YA Novel His First Two, Both From , Are Nowhere FastAnd Learning The GameKevin Is An Instructor At The University Of Alabama Where He Lives With His Wife Jessica, Their Daughter Calla, And Their Dog Henry I recommend everyone to read this book if they want a joyful crazy sports experience.
This book has it all basketball, friendship,relationship, drama, and some tough decision making.
This book is about a kid named Derrick who loves basketball and goes to Marion East highschool He is a 15 year old kid who s 6 2 and trying to get a starting point guard spot The onlyproblem is the starting spot is taken by a senior named Nick He also has this coach namedcoach Bolden who is a really good coach but is tough on Derrick because he knows he haspotential Derek s uncle also known as Uncle Kid was an all time scorer at Marion East butend up coming short of the NBA Derrick also has a little brother named Jayson who is hisnumber one supporter He also has a best frie This is basically a bunch of play by plays for the games Very little plot off of the basketball court.
This was okay My middle school boys both read it and loved it, and it s based in Indianapolis so I thought I d give it a try You would have to really like basketball to like this Half the book is like listening to the play by play of a basketball game on the radio I didn t love all the details I can understand why a basketball loving teenager would enjoy it though.
I don t plan to read anyin the series, but just to note my boys told me there is some inappropriate stuff as the books go on The main character has a girlfriend, etc.
Endlessly creative sports writing, but short on character and story.
This was my first book I have read from Kevin Waltman, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the book Next The purpose of Next was to clearly entertain the reader It was clear from the point of view being first person Having the book be in a first person point of view made it so muchentertaining and dramatic, it made the reader feel like you were the main character Derrick Bowen Since the character is around my age I can relate to him very well I can feel his emotions from the way the author wrote the book and him being my age I know the stress from the parallel plot of him trying to get a starting position on his high school basketball team and wanting to be in a relationship with his crush, Jasmine These parallel plots will give the reader anticipation that puts the reader in the narrator s shoes and a want to know what will happen next I also thought Waltman was courageous in putti

Probably only a 3 for me, but gotta be a 4 for the teen thing Even readers who don t know everything about basketball can follow this lovingly rendered prose that captures the action of high school hoops Even I, who has perhaps never even watched a complete game of the sport in person or on the tube, can visualize the action and even, sort of, understand the plays and tempo of the game I suspect that those who are the real audience for this novel those that love the sport as fans or players will not mind the nearly 300 pages of Derrick Bowen s freshman year at Marion High in inner city Indianapolis They may even line up for D Bow s next three years of high school in the sequels projected to follow his kicks and moves.
This appears to be the kind of book that is made for reluctant readers, eager to follow D Bow through his season dueling Nick, The book I have been reading is the book title Next by Kevin Waltman and the book is a kid name Derrick Bowen and he is a 6foot 3 inches freshman at Marion East The book takes place in Indianapolis where basketball is supreme In the state The other main characters are uncle kid how is a bitter ex basketball star at Marion high, Nick Starks how is a senior his the all star of the team and plays the same position as Derrick the point grade, his father is a part time security guard, a girl named Jasmine who Derrick likes but, It is Nick s girlfriend and Derrick s best friend The quote that I like the most is call me little man, now NEXT 11 When Derrick said this in the first chapter when he was playing basketball in the p

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