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[ Read Online Prisoner of Night and Fog ¹ belgium PDF ] by Anne Blankman ↠´ To anyone who thinks research for a book is not worth the time or effort, Prisoner of Night and Fog proves to the contrary Based on true historical events, Anne has crafted a brilliantly compelling and incredibly authentic story entwined with real historical figures who are given a second breath of life This is a story of a girl s desperate search for the truth.
Underneath it all, Prisoner of Night and Fog is a gripping account of Hitler s rise to power The plot introduces many real life characters who were part of Hitler s entourage or impacted his life in some way Naturally, fictional characters are also added to the mix to initiate an engaging mystery that, although fictional, is entangled inside real historical events I may not be a history buff, but it s clear from the start that immense research went into 2.
5 starsSigh Another well loved book that I just didn t connect to the way I would have liked.
This book had GREAT potential, the premise was really intriguing and different from anything I ve read before Unfortunately, Prisoner of Night and Fog just did not work for me The novel takes place in Munich in the early 1930 s during Hitler s rise to power It s told from the point of view of the seventeen year old German girl Gretchen M ller, who basically grew up in the NSDAP with Adolf Hitler or uncle Dolf as she calls him as her father figure Gretchen is one of Hitler s favorites because her father died saving his life during the Beer Hall Putsch a couple of years earlier Real historical figures are introduced as well as fictional ones to create the main pl I wished a German editor would have given the author some counsel because there are so many faults regarding the use of the German language see my status updates for that it s almost ludicrous I will never understand the need of US writers to write fictional novels on countries and cultures they never even been to only read about in books and pictures Yeah everybody can read billions of books on Hitler, the NS regime, on Hitler and his women, Hitler and his pets, hell there are even books and documentaries on Hitler s sex life But will someone not from Munich ever feel the cities vibe Tell how beautiful the English Garden smells in spring and summer in the middle of the city How the sky is always so blue and white just like the Bavarian Flag Can they conjure up the fun and buzzing days and nights in Munich s ale houses or the She stood on the edge of night, that sliver of gray between darkness and dawn, that razor thin line separating the first part of her life and whatever lay aheadA haunting yet beautiful book No matter how it begins or ends books about WW2 always screw up my nerves, and I bet I m not the only one The story was well written but best think about this book was the information it contained I learned alot The writing style was epic, Anna Blankman did some serious crafting and blending Gretchen and Daniel s story is beautifully written and if you re interested in historical fiction WW2 you definitely should pick this up.
Can t wait to have Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke in my handsIf you read the second book please tell me how it ends, seriously spoil me I need to know how Daniel and Gretchen end up, do they end up alive happy and TOGETHER I m serious i I am really not enjoying this The entire plotline of a child Nazi falling in love with a Jewish reporter is clever, sure, but I really don t know if I like how it s being handled I dislike this whole trope of bigoted person falls in love with member of oppressed group they hate There are two things I don t love about this storyline First, I really feel like stories of overcoming bigotry are important and can be amazing, obviously, but a lot of the romantic ones make it all about the bigot and not at all about the oppressed person Why the fuck does Daniel, a Jewish man, care about Gretchen, who s being raised by Nazis I understand that Gretchen saves a Jewish man in the first few chapters of this book, and Daniel sees this, but Gretchen also says several For decades since the World War II, the name Adolf Hitler has been synonymous with monster all over the world But to 17 year old Gretchen Muller, Adolf Hitler is simply Uncle Dolf, protector, substitute father, a great leader and a kind, gentle man If he wasn t, why would Gretchen s own father jump in front of a bullet to protect him Why would this somewhat strange Austrian take Gretchen s entire family under his wing We must keep in mind that Blankman portrays Germany in 1931, before the Third Reich, when Hitler s intentions were still hidden behind clever rhetoric and only those closest to him had any inkling of the monster he truly was Beatings and political assassinations were done covertly, and this young girl had nothing but the word of a trusted family friend to help form her opinion of the world The Gretchen we meet at the In S Munich, Danger Lurks Behind Dark Corners, And Secrets Are Buried Deep Within The City But Gretchen M Ller, Who Grew Up In The National Socialist Party Under The Wing Of Her Uncle Dolf, Has Been Shielded From That Side Of Society Ever Since Her Father Traded His Life For Dolf S, And Gretchen Is His Favorite, His PetUncle Dolf Is None Other Than Adolf Hitler And Gretchen Follows His Every CommandUntil She Meets A Fearless And Handsome Young Jewish Reporter Named Daniel Cohen Gretchen Should Despise Daniel, Yet She Can T Stop Herself From Listening To His Story That Her Father, The Adored Nazi Martyr, Was Actually Murdered By An Unknown Comrade She Also Can T Help The Fierce Attraction Brewing Between Them, Despite Everything She S Been Taught To Believe About JewsAs Gretchen Investigates The Very People She S Always Considered Friends, She Must Decide Where Her Loyalties Lie Will She Choose The Safety Of Her Former Life As A Nazi Darling, Or Will She Dare To Dig Up The Truth Even If It Could Get Her And Daniel Killed From Debut Author Anne Blankman Comes This Harrowing And Evocative Story About An Ordinary Girl Faced With The Extraordinary Decision To Give Up Everything She S Ever Believed And To Trust Her Own Heart Instead You will never learn what I am thinking And those who boast most loudly that they know my thought, to such people I lie evenAdolf Hitler Setting Berlin and Munich, Germany 1933Coverly Love No this is way too close of a close up for my liking.
Plot Germany 1933 WWI has been over for fifteen years, but Germany is still suffering Bitterly poor and living in poverty the German people need someone to look up to Such is the case for sixteen year old Gretchen Muller, who along with her mother, her father and older brother is now a part of the newly formed Socialist Party, guided by the charismatic Adolf Hitler known to her as Uncle Dolf Gretchen s father was one of Adolf Hitler s most loyal workers, until he was shot to death saving Hitler s life That s at least what Gretchen has been taught to believe Until she meets a Jewish reporter named Daniel Cohen Review originally posted at you read for enjoyment and to escape And then sometimes, you read because you know a book is good for you and it s important for you to read it Prisoner of Night and Fog is definitely one of the latter books That s not to say it isn t enjoyable it is, in some parts But for me, PoNaF was definitely a serious, thriller of a book that you learn from it wasn t always fun, but I am glad I read it.
The plot clicks along pretty quickly there were a few moments that lagged a bit in the middle but for the most part, the action rose and fell quickly and kept me very compelled Blankman effortlessly weaves Gretchen s story, her father s death, and her encounters with Hitler and the rest of the top brass in the National Socialist party into the story That was the most impressive and interesting feat of thi This is probably going to be a tough book to review and rate as well.
I equally enjoyed the book and also felt it was average at certain points Prisoner of Night and Fog is a historical fiction book where we follow the story of Gretchen, the girl who looked up to Hitler as her father Gretchen s father died by protecting Hitler from shots that were fired Her dad saved Hitler s life and Hitler took Gretchen and her family under his care Sweet isn t it Well things are about to change when Gretchen meets this Jew journalist who informs her that her Dad did not protect Hitler by choice but was murdered He did not sacrifice his life but was murdered and fell in line to where the shots were fired.
This takes Gretchen by surprise and she investigates the mystery of her Dad s death Doesn t the plot sound amazing I bet it does Firstly, I enjoyed that Hitler was involved heavily in the story lin

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