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¿ Read Ì Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) by Laurel Ulen Curtis ☆ 4.
5 Star Review by Jen SkewesA is for Alpha Male was one of my favorite reads of last year I freakin loved Dan Fucking Smith So much that I wished I had a Dan Smith of my own When I found out that Ms Curtis was writing the book from his POV of was ecstatic I could not wait to get inside his head, to see his feeling for Haley and find out exactly what he did while she was on the road And after reading Secret Alpha I may just love Dan Smith even What I loved about this book was that we get to see what happened to Dan when he was younger and how he came to live with Wade We see him as a scared little boy when he lost his parents and then quickly see the man that he is today Now when we first meet Dan some of his man whorish ways were a little surprising to me Not that I expected him to be a monk prior to meeting Haley but I didn t expect my Dan Smith to be that way Just to be clear I absolutely freaking loved it It was so nice to get inside Dan s head and see the story from his side Even though its a companion novel, and you or less know whats coming, it s still like reading a completely different book and there are still plenty of surprises.
I really really hope there are books in this series I reckon Wade needs a HEA, not to mention Hunter.
Great, Great series not to mention one fabulously talented author I won an early release copy of this book and couldn t wait to read it So first things first 1 This is not just a retelling of A is for Alpha Male from Danny s perspective While there are some of the same scenes from his side, there is a whole lot We get to learn a lot about Danny and what he was thinking in regards to Haley 2 This can totally be read as a Stand Alone You do not have to have read A is for Alpha to enjoy this book Although I totally suggest you do because Haley is a riot And while she s in this book too you get a lot of her antics in that book because Danny wasn t always with her So now onto this book Is it wrong that I loved this than Haley s POV I mean how Ms Curtis was able to write a book from a male POV and have me believing it was really a man I mean we all know how men think, but none of our women th Alpha all the way 5 Received an ARC from the awesome AUTHOR for an honest review I LOOOOOVED THIS ONE Okay so this is from Dan o s POV and we found out what he s been up to all the while Hales was on the road trip I ve always had a soft spot for male POVs and this one was beautifully written I loved the little details that we missed in the first book and I was like oh that s what happened.
A lot of things are cleared off in this one And Dan o makes you love him even Is that even possible YES IT IS.
Laurel is a seriously crafty writer, she incorporated all the unsolved mysteries from A is for Alpha Male The beach scene, the ways he gets his numbers and caller tune changed all is explained And then there was the conversation with Allison OMG I got all teary just from reading those precious few lines.
I loved how he explains his feelings over reading KA ARC Received Laurel does it again As I ve said before reviews are not my forte, but seeing things through Danny s POV helps solve some of the mysterious happenings in Alpha Male that were only insinuated They have a love that most would kill for, and Haley s sarcasm is just as vibrant Love this couple and can t wait to hear Hunter s and Allison s story Hint hint

I loved this book Definitely much better than the first book and I liked seeing the story from Dan s POV The writing really did get better with this book and I basically read every word I thought it was a great book but the downside is that you need to read the first book to get the right experience with this book Dan is actually an alpha though in the first book he doesn t seem like one I would re read this book again but not the first one.
WARNING Do not read this book if you have not read A is for Alpha Male Dare to dream, Wade Sometimes, it s all we have Haley Whitfield is one of my absolute favorite heroines, and A is for Alpha Male sits on my all time favorite list When I heard that the author was going write a book from Danny s point of view, my first thought was sign me up baby I knew that watching him experience Haley s personal brand of crazy while falling hard for her was going to be just as much fun as experiencing it from Haley s POV, and Ms Curtis did not prove me wrong We get the added bonus of all new story pieces filling in the blanks regarding what was happening in Danny s life before he met the Whitfields, during their initial time together and while Haley and Allison went on their road trip.
I adore Haley s outgoing personality and crazy antics, and it was such fun to revisit her banter with Allis I was given this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review.
Secret Alpha reflects on the previous book, A is for Alpha Male, but from Dan fucking Smiths point of view A is for Alpha Male was about a journey that was taken by Haley and her mother Allison The journey was to find an Alpha Male for each of them the likes of which had been depicted in all of Kristen Ashley s books, which is where their reference of an Alpha Male came from , however where their journey was light, fun, crazy, interesting and beautiful Dan s book was altogether gritty I was alive And that could only mean one thing The Barstard wanted to play Firstly let me say that you could probably read this book as a standalone, but I wouldn t advise it There would be too many unexplained conversation s from Hales side of things that wouldn t make much sense if you did I was worried, as I alwa Secret Alpha by Laurel Ulen CurtisCompanion Male POV to A is for Alpha Male which should be read first.
Humorous at times romance.
My biggest surprise read of 2013 was a little book called A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis One of my favorite reads of the year, it made me laugh and swoon I just fell in love with the characters Haley and Allison, daughter and mother, went on a road trip in search of their very own Kristen Ashley alpha male Not only did I love all of the references to my favorite author, I just fell in love with Laurel s writing and the characters.
Years of brain cell abuse has made my memory suck I remembered I loved A is for Alpha Male I remembered the characters, but I forgot some really important parts Luckily, Secret Alpha , the companion novel from the male POV Danny filled in the blanks nicely, th I M Dan Smith, And I M Currently Living Two Lives Maybe Even Three If You Really Look Into It Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, And Isla All Exist In One Or Of Them SomehowAm I A Supporting Role In Their Stories, Or Are They Merely Characters In Mine You DecideHaley Told Her Story Now I Ll Tell MineShe Said He SaidThis Is My StoryWarning Some Explicit Language And Sexual ContentNote This IS A Full Length Novel At , Words It Is Just Slightly Longer Than A Is For Alpha Male

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