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[ Pdf Beloved Enemy (Unholy Alliance #4) ↠´ history-and-politics PDF ] by Lacy Yager à She S The Unlikeliest Vampire Hunter Ever A Scientist Seventeen Year Old Science Prodigy Genevieve Quinn Never Thought She Would Be Kidnapped From Her College Campus By A Vampire Or That Said Vampire Would Want Her Help On A Science Project Genevieve Has No Intention Of Complying, But When An Escape Attempt Turns Deadly, It Is A Vampire That Comes To Her Rescue Vampire Chad Matthews Is An Atypical Specimen He S Good Looking, In A Dangerous Kind Of Way But That S Not What Attracts Genevieve It S The Shadows Behind His Eyes As Genevieve And Chad Team Up To Find A Way To Defeat A Monster Even Worse Than Killer Vampires, She Discovers That Not Everything Can Be Explained By Science Like Falling In Love This Novella K Words Is Book Four In The Unholy Alliance Series his book follows two different characters again, this time we get to meet a 17 year old genius college student, Genevieve and Chad a Vampire Genevieve already feels left out in college, she is the youngest there and people make fun of her a lot of the time But not in a million years she thought she would get kidnapped from her college campus by a vampire and that said vampire would want her help on a science project At first, she has no intention of helping the vampire and her friends, but when one of her an escape attempts turns deadly, it is a vampire that comes to her rescue Talk about been surprise Chad has been a vampire for many,many years He is good looking, in a dangerous king of way and he is also the perfect specimen for the science project happening I first want to thank the author for this free copy ARC I had 4 weeks to read this book, for the group We 3 YA books , but I just couldn t wait to start reading it So here is my review What can I say Just awesome I loved this book It took me a little while to get well focused on the story in the beginning, but then well, I just couldn t stop reading I couldn t put the book down even during dinner I liked the characters a lot, even though I found Genevieve a little too weak for my likes I mean, she was strong in some ways, like when she tried to escape than once, or when she had her head set on finding a solution to their problem But other times she showed her weaknesses too Especially against bullies like Josh I liked Chad, although not from the beginning But some times he made me roll my eyes at his stupidity and way of thinking Seriously, dude Do y Book Review Beloved Enemy by Lacy YagerEver since Genevieve was taken off the MIT campus by Maggie and Lily and brought to the compound, she has kept to herself planning some kind of escape She refuses to stay with these crazy people Josh seems comfortable here so she is on her own.
She tries sneaking out the garage but runs into a group in a standoff that includes vampires She comes face to face with Chad, a vampire who was sent to fight with them Genevieve screams in fear and strengthens her determination to escape Her next attempt leads her back to the garage and into the back of one of the SUVs When part of the group leaves in search of the CAT, the hybrid vampires, Genevieve is hidden away She makes it out of the compound but realizes she is leaving Boston too She has to wait and bide her time until they stop and she can Genevieve was kidnapped against her will by a group of crazies who just might be vampires On one of her many escape attempts, she sees an attractive man injured and she tries to help him, only to find that he too is a vampire When the two of them are thrown together in a life or death situation, Genevieve realizes that there may be to this crazy world than she thought.
This is the third book in the series, and they have to be read in order otherwise the story will not make any sense All the books are pretty quick reads, with roughly 150 pages, making them like an ongoing book just put into sections Each story is about the romance between two separate characters, alternating between the couples view points, but the plot stays the same in all the books The general theme o My third encounter with the Unholy Alliance series, this is a wonderful addition to the clever interweaving stories of survival and love that this author has penned I would suggest readers start at the beginning of the series they are quick and engaging reads and you will find several characters are wandering through each story The book starts a bit slowly, we are reintroduced to several characters and discover a new cast member in Genevieve A much younger than her peers student at MIT, she is determined to make her way at school, and doesn t allow her lack of a social life to bother her much In the last story, we had just met Genevieve as she was being tossed into the back of an SUV by our curious mix of vampires and those people who love them Not convinced that she is in the safest place she can be, and completely thrown by the existence of vamp As in the other books, we meet some new characters this time and get to know others a lot better This book focuses on Genevieve, a brilliant and slightly nerdy MIT student, and Chad, a somewhat broken vampire Genevieve really blossoms in this story, but even her growth doesn t make her lose the most endearing part of her her social awkwardness that makes her so cute I like that Chad wasn t created to be vampire perfection Instead, he had doubts and he was, at least in his own eyes, broken It was a great twist to the standard YA romantic hero.
Fans of Maggie and Shane are going to be disappointed because there is little of them in this book But the story is growing and it is obvious that they will be back I like this way of building the story, getting different per This review, and others, can also be found on my blog Journey Through FictionI received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley, Thank you , in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion in any way I love reading a series in order, and I didn t realise Beloved Enemy was the third book in a series until shortly before I began reading I haven t read the previous two books, and I do think this had a big influence on my overall opinions on the book I ve read a couple of series out of order before, but I find I don t get to know the characters as well as I want to Plus, it usually cuts out the confusion of not knowing what is happening in the overall story line.
I ll hold my hand up and say this is my fault, and I know tha Complementary ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Genevieve is your average college student Except for the fact that she is a seventeen year old science prodigy almost ready to graduate at MIT Things get even complicated when a vampire kidnaps her because she is needed to help the vampire with a project Genevieve tries to escape numerous times, but on her last attempt she meets Chad When Genevieve first sees Chad she is instantly drawn to him He has caramel colored eyes, a beautiful face, and a body to match He seems perfect, until she learns that Chad is a vampire To make things uncomfortable, Chad and Genevieve have to team up to try and find a way to kill monsters that are worse than any other super natural creature Being attracted to a creature that cra I couldn t help but read it immediately My first thought when I read whose story would this be was, Oh, no It s Chad and Genevieve What about Andi Well, when I finished reading it, I got my answer.
Like the previous book this also had multiple perspectives although enjoyable it was a bit confusing in terms of the scenery in which the next is not really related from the previous one I enjoyed reading Lily s pov I had an inkling of where her interest lay and I was right It was fun reading this side of her and I never expected her to be a computer whiz besides being an expert at drawing blood.
For some reason when I read the beginning when Genevieve wanted to escape, I laughed I find it quite amusing although I do understand her fears even though her being kidnapped was for her own good I kind of find Genevieve s character weak although I do rather pick that than

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