Download Epub Format ☆ Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism PDF by ½ Benjamin Noys

Download Epub Format ☆ Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism PDF by ½ Benjamin Noys We Are Told Our Lives Are Too Fast, Subject To The Accelerating Demand That We Innovate , Work , Enjoy , Produce , And Consume That S One Familiar Story Another, Stranger, Story Is Told Here Of Those Who Think We Haven T Gone Fast Enough Instead Of Rejecting The Increasing Tempo Of Capitalist Production They Argue That We Should Embrace And Accelerate It Rejecting This Conclusion, Malign Velocities Tracks This Accelerationism As The Symptom Of The Misery And Pain Of Labour Under Capitalism Retracing A Series Of Historical Moments Of Accelerationism The Italian Futurism Communist Accelerationism After The Russian Revolution The Cyberpunk Phuturism Of The S And S The Unconscious Fantasies Of Our Integration With Machines The Apocalyptic Accelerationism Of The PostMoment Of Crisis And The Terminal Moment Of Negative Accelerationism Suggests The Pleasures And Pains Of Speed Signal The Need To Disengage, Negate, And Develop A New Politics That Truly Challenges The Supposed Pleasures Of Speed As one of the few perhaps the only book length critiques of accelerationism, Malign Velocities provides a powerful and necessary alternative approach to the idea that the only valuable strategy the political left can adopt in the second decade of the twenty first century is not to resist, rather to speed up capitalist modes of production in order to assist them in reaching their own breaking point Noys navigates through historical examples of accelerationism, identifying common themes shared by the Italian Futurists, defiant communist accelerationists such as Aleksei Gastev, the post 68 machinic utopianists such as Deleuze Guattari and Pynchon, and the cyberpunk phuturists of the 90s, Nick Land and the Ccru Of course this means that Noys definition of accelerationism is quite generic, and his individual critiques tend not to travel far beyond I suspect most academic books, maybe books in general, are just a list of excuses for personal prejudices You believe what you want and then wave your hands until you have some mildly convincing reasons why you believe what you want to believe That s particularly easy in continental philosophy Some academic books forcefully and shamelessly delve into polemics, and the reader is along for the ride Other academic books are clear and precise enough that you forget you re reading some asshole with a PhD s preferences Other books aren t out and out polemics, but are also shoddily reasoned, so the reader is left scratching their head, writing in the margins, and wondering why they bothered Here s where Malign Velocities comes in.
Malign Velocities is a critique of accelerationism What s accelerationism It is a complex, heterogenous group of thinkers, who gene

i don t think it is entirely unfair to say that Noys critique only comes together in the final chapter The part on Bataille and anal economy is indigestibly hard going as I clearly didn t have the pre requisite background knowledge, though honestly I don t see how it ties into the rest of the book You will emerge from the other side having a better understanding of the intellectual predecessors of contemporary accelerationism Italian fascismo futurism , but not with a clear grasp of why it is not a project worth being invested in Actually even the term contemporary accelerationism is a misnomer since accelerationism is by no means a monolithic movement Noys does mention in passing Nick and William s Inventing the Future, but he does Wilfully obscure, sloppily thought out tract on how you probably shouldn t meld with your fridge.

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