Download Epub Format ☆ The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) PDF by Ø Erin Knightley

Download Epub Format ☆ The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) PDF by Ø Erin Knightley This might be my favorite of the series Proper, stuffy Duke meets uninhibited woman who infuriates and captivates him at the same time That s all you ll get from me as I don t like to write or read plot spoilers This book is well written and very enjoyable I recommend it highly Also, I m thrilled the Duke s friend, Derington, gets his own story The Viscount Risks It All early next year.
I knew I was clever in dubbing Erin Knightley a modern day Jane Austen and The Duke Can Go to the Devil was her Pride Prejudice William and May could not have been different and therefore, of course, could not stand each other May was a scandal waiting to happen and William was as pomp as they come But as they each began to set aside their pride HEE and prejudices HA , May and William soon discover that there is much to one another that their aggrieved first impressions I m sorry I couldn t help it would have had them believe.
May has been one of my favorite characters of this series from the very beginning so I had high hopes for her story And, thankfully, I was not disappointed and in fact had all my expectations exceeded tremendously May made for the most unique heroine, in the very best ways, as I knew she wou In The New Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Earl I Adore, May Bradford Isn T Afraid To Play Devil S Advocate When It Comes To A Duke After Her Mother S Death, May S Sea Captain Father Sends Her Halfway Around The World To Live With His Stodgy Sister In England The Summer Festival In Bath Made For A Lovely Distraction, But Now She Can T Wait For Her Father S Return So She Can Leave This Country, Its Suffocating Rules, And One Infuriatingly Proper Nobleman In Particular Behind Because He Is The Duke Of Radcliffe, William Spencer S Whole Life Revolves Around His Duties He Never Steps Foot Outside The Bounds Of Proper Behavior, And He Expects The Same Of Those Around Him With Her Devil May Care Ways, May Vexes Him Nearly As Much As She Tempts Him, But There S Something About Her That He Just Can T Resist He Knows He S Falling Hard For Her, But With Lives That Are Worlds Apart, Will They Ever Be Able To Find Any Common Ground Amanda and Autry s reviews are posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsAmanda s Review 5 StarsErin Knightley has written one of my favorite tropes in her newest story The Duke can go to the Devil, in which one very proper Duke exchanges intense heated sparring with a very free spirited young lady May Bradford is not your typical English lady and is biding her time until her father returns to take her home She s the daughter of a sea captain and grew up in exotic places and can t wait to return to that life she s known In the meantime she s made friends in Bath during the Music Festival and plays a zither in the trio she created with Sophie and Charity William Spencer, the Duke of Radcliffe, at first sight thought that May was a beautiful woman but didn t like care for her when he heard their modified rendition of a classic composition When he catches her doi Thank you to PENGUIN for providing a print copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The Duke Can Go to the Devil is the story of a well traveled woman who lands in England with a sharp tongue, and the stuffy duke she can t seem to evade This book is the third in the series of which the only other book I have read is the second, but it can be read as a standalone I do think, though, that the relationship between the heroines in this series is so enjoyable that it would be a shame to miss out on any of them For this reason, I ll be going back to read the first.
I ve been looking forward to this book since I read the previous book, The Earl I Adore May was a catalyst in uniting the main characters in that one, and I was hoping her antics would be plentiful in this one I was not d Such a sweet, heart warming conclusion to the stories of three friends This series just got better and better I loved May s character from the very beginning and knew she would have to find someone remarkably perfect for her to change her mind about traveling the world over William was an odiously snobby and righteous Duke who needed to, as his step mother said find his joie de vivre And May have him that This read much like a PP vagary and I loved it My only quibbles were no actual nookie spoiler, sorry and that May never got to actually take William on some tropical vacation that he sorely needs Ah well Theirs was still a lovely story about finding home I know there s one in the series and I m eagerly looking forward to seeing how Viscount Derrington s story turns out Adequate The only thing the heroine, May, had going for her was her beauty She was crass, mouthy, and irreverent, in no way suited to be a duchess I could not suspend belief enough to buy that the hero, William, duke of Radcliffe, would ever make someone his polar opposite his wife Their relationship building was primarily constant bickering, their romance is not one for the ages.

THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL is a brilliant tour de force Miss May Bradford, whose real given name is Mei li, spent most of her life abroad following her father who is a sea captain Although she knows English customs and everything that is proper, she often fails to behave according to them neither can she fathom why she should fawn over the peers of the realm William Spencer, the Duke of Radcliffe, is very conservative, he is dedicated to all his title entails, and expects the respect that is due him May is in a musical trio in the first annual Summer Serenade in Somerset music festival, of which William is a patron He had spotted the divinely beautiful May but he is aghast when he hears her playing her Chinese string instrument how un English of her to mar the beauty of refined music with her discordant Erin Knightley officially has a spot on my auto buy list Her books are delightful, fluffy fun and it is a nice reprieve to open the pages of her books and know I am guaranteed a sweet romance and not an obsession with lust aka how often a hero happens to get an erection when around the heroineI swear, for some authors, I think many of the heroes have a medical condition Anyways, this story is a classic enemies to lovers story, with the hero being stuffy and proper and the heroine being free spirited, world traveled, and opinionated as hell In many ways, this story had a flavor of Pride and Prejudice These characters were helplessly drawn to each other in ways they couldn t understand Their lives were so different, the Duke is tied to everything English, and May s heart resists England in favor of the sea faring life Meh Given that all my friends adored this one, I think it s time to officially admit that I have outgrown historical romances like this I didn t enjoy the bantering to be honest, it than irritated me the way Mei would rail at the Duke for making snap judgments when she does that all the time granted, she at least apologizes when she overreacts and insults him without realizing it, but I quickly got tired of it , and I really didn t like the ending view spoiler for a heroine who always wants to travel, she sure gives up that dream quickly Why couldn t he have agreed to travel with her Why does she have to give it up just because she fell in love Call my cynical, cold hearted, whatever I don t like it hide spoiler

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