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Á Read à Dark Ghost (Dark, #24) by Christine Feehan à 2,5 starsMay contain some minor spoilersI have read almost the entire Dark Series by Christine Feehan, which is one of my favorite pnr series ever I always wait in tenterhooks for her latest offering and I was so excited when Dark Ghost, the 28th book in the series finally arrived Talk about mixed feelings.
After the disappointment with the last two books, I was looking forward to another golden story.
Andre s appearance in the previous books was enough to want me to read about him.
But sadly Dark Ghost did not pull at my heartstrings.
rather it was a case of.
me saying again that I was.
Apart from Andre finding his true lifemate in Teagan and teaching her how to fly and shift into an owl which were the scenes I liked the most , the majority of story takes place in Andre s cave where Teagen had been drawn to a Welcome back to the Carpathian Mountains and what is the twenty eighth story in this series This book does work as a standalone but it s a series that keeps building and indeed there is a character mentioned whose story will resonate with regular readers.
Andre Boroi no longer feels emotion or sees in colour and is hanging on to life by a thread Considered to be a ghost his only wish now is to defeat the deadly master vampire Costin Popescu but as the story begins Andre is gravely injured and needs the healing sleep that ancients rely on Teagan Joanes mistakenly put her trust in someone who is obsessed by her and barely escaped with her life Lost, alone and trapped up a mountain she finds herself drawn to a cave but what she finds there is anything but ordinary Deep within the mountain is a man who appears to be dying but this is no ordinary man and Teagan I have always loved the Carpathian series, and the men make me melt every single time I had two complaints with this instalment One was that it seemed quite slower moving, as well as there was a lot of repetition The second was the ending was awful It cut right off and left the Gramma situation unresolved I felt i like I wanted to see Andre meet Teagan s Gramma In my opinion, there could have been a great storyline with meeting Teagan s family.
Even with my complaints, I still enjoyed the story, and I m hoping some of the warriors from the monastery will find their life mates As long as Christine Feehan keeps writing this series I will keep reading it I hate to say it but this is the third Feehan book in a row that has just utterly disappointed me Where the hell is the plot The sex scenes were definitely better this time around but I can t even say that blew my mind Where was the character development Yes, she s quirky and obnoxiously self conscious Yes, he has honor and is centuries old We get it Who are they BEYOND that I just didn t feel the connection to the characters and I wanted to Andre has always been so intriguing to me and I had high hopes to mark him as one of my favorites but I have no clue who he is beyond a hunter who had a terrible childhood I feel as if this was just a filler book to help pass the time until the release of Gary s book considering setting up meeting Teagan s grams is the only thing Dark Ghost accomplished Extremely unfortunate considering how intriguing Andre s character 2.
5 starsTeagan has to be the most annoying heroine in the entire series Her inner voice made me want to shoot her or me to end the agony I liked Andre but he could not save this book from Teagan s relentless wishy washy machinations I was bored a lot And annoyed a whole lot I enjoyed this one Andre was a total sweetheart and he was really cute with Teagan Teagan was a little annoying, but she was a good partner to Andre I would love books about Fane and the other guys in the monastery In The New Novel By The New York Times Bestselling Queen Of Paranormal Romance, JR Ward A Wounded Warrior And A Woman On The Run Find Salvation, Passion And Unimaginable Danger In The Ghostly Darkness Of The Carpathian Mountains He Wasn T Civilized Or Tame He Had His Own Code And He Lived By It Monk Bounty Hunter Vampire Slayer Andre Boroi Has Spent Centuries Battling The Undead, Holding Out Against The Dark With Honor But Now, Gravely Wounded By Master Vampire Costin Popescu, Andre Will Be Easy To Track His Spilled Blood Marking The Killing Trail For Popescu And His Hungry Band Of Underlings Andre S Only Chance Is To Disappear Into The Gray Mist Of The Carpathians To Wait To Hope She Had A Healing Touch And A Scent That Was His Lifeblood In The Mountains In Search Of A Precious Crystal, Geologist Teagan Joanes Suddenly Finds Herself Hunted By Those She Once Trusted Then She Comes Across The Warrior Wounded, Wanting And Irresistible Andre Has Been Craving Her For An Eternity His Lifemate Her Warmth Envelops Him Her Scent Pulsates And With Every Beat Of Her Heart, Teagan Surrenders To A Passion She Can T Possibly Comprehend Now They Are Bound By Destiny, But Is It Enough To Keep Them Safe From A Stalking, Relentless Darkness That Threatens To Swallow Them Alive Teagan is a modern day woman from our time period, but she s afraid of everything She s use to thinking for herself, being independent, maybe irrational at time but that s quirks of her personality So when she happens upon Andre her world changes He becomes dictator and she a puppet on his strings, he makes life altering decisions and ultimately raping her humanity If the continuing trend of the series is going to be of weak minded, pathetic heroines, then I won t be finishing it out So that s why I gave Dark Ghost two stars.
May Contain Spoilers.
Summary Andre Boroi is a carpathian, a bounty hunter and hunts the undead He is known as the Ghost and Andre keeps his true last hidden until he meets his lifemate, if he ever does After his latest battle fighting a master vampire, Costin Popescu, he is injured and disappears into the mist and his lair to heal and hopefully will have safe harbor from Costin s underlings Teagan Joanes, is a geologist and when her grandmother goes crazy talking about vampires and killing a mysterious Gary She knows that they need to find a way to heal her mentally There is a secret stone hidden in the carpathian mountains and so Teagan goes in search for it But her partner, and friend for years, turns on her attacks and attempts to rape her and she barely escapes leaving her attacker unconcious She foll I LOVED DARK GHOST I Loved Andrea Boroi and Teagan Joanes Dark Ghost is a great addition to the Dark Series Which makes me wonder why so many 1 and 2 star review Maybe it not the story at all but who Teagan Joanes is I like that Christine realizes all people and religions in her storylines She has a huge fan base with all kinds of people and it is brave of her to incorporate all races and religion in her storyline Bravo Christine Feehan Now to the Story I have always wonder why Andrea was referred to as the Ghost, well you find out in DG, fans get know his entire backstory which was sad but interesting I loved the fact that Teagan his lifemate was intelligent and resilient I didn t get any sense of her being a whiner as another reviewer said The story was at a steady pace well developed character for Teagan and Andrea Andrea is s

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