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Download Epub Format ☆ Inventing the Future PDF by ☆ Nick Srnicek A Major New Manifesto For A High Tech Future Free From WorkNeoliberalism Isn T Working Austerity Is Forcing Millions Into Poverty And Many Into Precarious Work, While The Left Remains Trapped In Stagnant Political Practices That Offer No RespiteInventing the Future Is A Bold New Manifesto For Life After Capitalism Against The Confused Understanding Of Our High Tech World By Both The Right And The Left, This Book Claims That The Emancipatory And Future Oriented Possibilities Of Our Society Can Be Reclaimed Instead Of Running From A Complex Future, Nick Srnicek And Alex Williams Demand A Postcapitaiist Economy Capable Of Advancing Standards, Liberating Humanity From Work And Developing Technologies That Expand Our Freedoms The gist is rather than embracing folk politics like crunchy Occupy make no demands bullshit, the left should be embracing a modern vision of the future work should not be mandatory to survive and most human labor should be automated Capitalism is absolutely not going to get us there so we need a post capitalism system in place in order to progress to the next mode of being human.
Worth reading if you work in tech.
This book is particularly useful for its comprehensive history of neoliberalism and especially how it went from an ideology that at one time was very much on the fringe and understood as belonging only to the loony right to becoming central to our society and virtually common sense The authors here say the left needs to similarly have a long term plan to change the paradigm our society takes for granted and therefore to change what is considered to be common sense Given the abject failures of neoliberal policies, you might think this would be a relatively easy task but that isn t now common sense works The authors idea is to change the way we think about fundamental problems and to therefore reinvent the future.
Part of the argument here is that too much of what has passed for left progressive action in the past has been grossly ineffectual The Occupy Mov

The first half is a convincing and much needed critique of left wing localism horizontalism, holding up the left s inadequacy in contrast to the success of the neoliberal project I enjoyed the macroeconomic approach, looking at the bigger picture from pre industrialism into the future, and found that the concept of surplus in the labour market provided a very simple and useful way to explain the dire need to move beyond the industrial work ethic, into a new kind of common sense In taking this bigger picture macro view, the authors manage to avoid any really thorny issues The call for a long term counter hegemonic project is totally valid, but by nature is a rather fluffy concept that might leave some seekingshort term concrete suggestions beyond campaigning for UBI and increased automation A muchserious flaw is the lack of any discussion about the environment It seems a Universal Basic Income, full automation and the end of work presented as a leftist technological utopia Interesting the critics of folk politics of occupy movements and the narrative of the actual neoliberalism supremacy Clever approximation to the feasibility of powerin ecosystems of diverse movements than in monolithic parties.
Not complete, perhaps sometimes naive but a good initial sketch of action for a new left.

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