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↠´ Read î Autumn by Ali Smith É Daniel Is A Century Old Elisabeth, Born In , Has Her Eye On The Future The United Kingdom Is In Pieces, Divided By A Historic Once In A Generation SummerLove Is Won, Love Is Lost Hope Is Hand In Hand With Hopelessness The Seasons Roll Round, As Ever Hailed as the first post Brexit novel, inAutumnAli Smith proves to us all that she is probably the greatest writer currently working in the United Kingdom The fact that this novel was published a mere four months after the disastrous Brexit vote but yet analyses its aftermath as a central theme shows a turnaround that is nearly insane Smith must have practically vomited this novel into her word processor, which makes its utter flawlessness almost divine The novel begins with a man, Daniel Gluck, who seems to have washed up on a beach Believing he has died he casts his eye along the beach and sees even like him The corpses of refugees line the beach, interspersed between lounging sunbathers and laughing children who seem to take no notice of the corpses around them This opening scene demonstrates Smith s intent with Autumn, she is writing a Zeitgeist novel Luckily for Daniel, this scen What are you reading A tale of two people.
Tell me about it.
It s a book full of leaves, green ones and brown ones And white ones too, of course.
Ha But seriously, describe it to me.
It s a book with a hole in the middle.
Now you re just being absurd.
No, wait There s really as much absence as presence in this book.
Tell me what s in it not what s not in it.
It s a book of fragments that fit together in odd arrangements Give me an example of the way the fragments fit together.
There s a sister who doesn t exist and a sister who no longer exists.
Not bad Give me another fragment There are people who use the word Home when they really mean Away, as in Go.
Oh, right Brexit There are lies about lying about lies about lying.
Please give me something that s not about politicians.
There s a time that s really a place.
Give me somet Ali Smith is not an easy author to read and yet her words and thoughts are beautiful If you like a linear plot, you will not find it here, though it is mostly set in the period after Brexit, it goes back and forth in time To a friendship between a young girl and an elderly man, a man who had quite a past, which is slowly uncovered The thoughts expressed about Brexit are the same many are expressing here in the states after our recent election Wonderfully and adroitly expressed about the way many of us feel She loves to play with words, play with scenes, this is sometimes challenging but if you just read, not expecting her to follow the supposed rules of fiction, these things are often delightful She explores time, it s passing, Autumn into winter, past into present, young into old, as the seasons chang My fourth book from the Booker longlist, this is another that, like Reservoir 13, would have made a worthy winner At the time of its release this book was billed as the first Brexit novel, but there is so much to it than thatupdate 19 Oct Sadly, and yet again, Ali Smith did not win, but I was very impressed by her performance and the way she encouraged Emily Fridlund and Fiona Mozley at the Nottingham shortlist readings event, which I attended last week the other three shortlisted writers were not thereReservoir 13 is out, so this is my clear favourite book in the shortlist Smith starts by introducing two characters Daniel Gluck, who is 101 and clinging to life in a care home, and Elisabeth Demand, who was born in 1984 and knew him as a child when he was her neighbour In the first part of the book Elisabeth is con I was struggling with this initially Ali Smith s prose style reminds me of someone dressed in a dressing gown and slippers, hair unbrushed, wandering about a house with barely a grain of self consciousness In stark contrast to lots of writers who spend hours in front the mirror, layering on embellishment after embellishment, before they take a step onto the page Smith can give the impression of voicing aloud her thoughts the moment she has them No artificial colouring or sweetening additives The petty mixed in with the profound This is what this book felt like for a while A woman walking about in her dressing gown and slippers making up a story as she went along, sometimes becoming distracted by trifles, sometimes making a discovery of historic importance But I should have known it s the architecture of the novel Smith is fascinated by than wordsmithery or sentence wri April come she willWhen streams are ripe and swelled with rainMay she will stayResting in my arms againJune she ll change her tuneIn restless walks she ll prowl the nightApril Come She Will lyrics by Paul Simon It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times Traveling back and forth through time, the past to the present, from Elisabeth s childhood and meeting her new neighbor Daniel Gluck, to the brink of the political climate that began with Brexit, this story covers a lot of territory in a rather fluid way, dealing with aging, love in its many shapes and forms, friendship, art and artists, books and the telling of stories, the concept of time, music, identity, the culture of television, politics, sexual inequality, division of people, division of countries, and global warming.
When first they meet, Elisabeth pretends to be her non exist My thoughts are all over the place for this book maybe fitting because this is what this book is as well all over the place There is undeniable brilliance here sentences so profound they made me stop in my tracks, word plays so wonderful I had to read them twice, musing on a great number of important things It comes as no surprise that Ali Smith is a genius But for some reasons these sparks of brilliance never came together for a coherent whole for me and I guess this was also the point There is no proper coherence in life and in art and Ali Smith captures this perfectly.
At the core of this book is the friendship between Elisabeth and her older neighbour Daniel and the profound effect on her life he has opening to her a world of art and cleverness This book is also filled with musings on art especially This is EnglandAutumn is to be the first instalment of a seasonal quartet that Ali Smith plans to write a cycle exploring the subjective experience of time, questioning the nature of time itself Triggered to read it by the title Autumn is my favourite season this first instalment was a wondrous introduction to Smith s prose for me, so I eagerly look forward to the next parts now.
Autumn is a playful, multi layered and at times delectably subversive novel on the floating of time, aging, identity, art, love and friendship, grounded knee deep in the grim realities of today s post truth politics, against the backdrop of the aftermath of the Brexit vote.
Set right here, right now, the story time travels back and forth between the past and the present Since primary school, Elisabeth, now 32 and an art history lecturer, and her next door neighbour, Daniel Gluck,

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