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[Tamora Pierce] Å The Will of the Empress [young-readers PDF] Read Online ô For Years The Empress Of Namorn Has Pressed Her Young Cousin, Lady Sandrilene Fa Toren, To Visit Her Vast Lands Within The Empire S Borders Sandry Has Avoided The Invitation For As Long As It Was Possible Now Sandry Has Agreed To Pay That Overdue Visit Sandry S Uncle Promises Guards To Accompany Her But They Re Hardly A Group Of Warriors They Re Her Old Friends From Winding Circle Daja, Tris, And Briar Sandry Hardly Knows Them Now They Ve Grown Up And Grown Apart Sandry Isn T Sure They Ll Ever Find Their Old Connection Again Or If She Even Wants Them To I know, I know here she goes again with another Tamora Pierce I can t help it, I just love her characters and world building to the moon and back This one was really difficult for me to read Tris, Briar, Sandry, and Daja have been separated for years Naturally, they ve grown apart and unaccustomed to sharing their thoughts with each other but seeing them shut the others out so completely is heart wrenching I very much enjoyed experiencing the court customs in Namorn, even if I didn t particularly enjoy every member of the court It made my blood boil to watch certain people intentionally drive wedges between the four Seeing the adults that these unique children have grown in to is amazing and I loved being part of their story Oh so highly recommended.
For the past several years, I ve been sloooowly making my way through all of Tamora Pierce s books, first with all the Tortall books, and then with Emelan I ve liked all the Emelan books, but have always preferred the Tortall books This is the first Emelan book that has made that opinion waver a little Maybe it s just because this is the first time Pierce s self imposed structural limitations on this series have been lifted The first four books were for children, about children ten and eleven year olds and while they were great, I was at a bit of an emotional remove from them The second four books split all of our characters up and had them go on separate adventures, which was fun, but also not fun, if you know what I mean In The Will of the Empress, our four ambient mage

As a young girl growing up, I devoured anything with swords, knights, magic, medieval themes I even owned my own wooden sword, my name engraved in the hilt, and eagerly persuaded the sons of family friends to teach me to sword fight For a time, my reading centred around The Hobbit, Narnia, nonfiction about castles and Tamora Pierce Her writing was a lifeline in an inundation of male centric fantasy Her characters had a knack for inclusiveness and diversity before it was even considered a conversation worth having how embarrassing for the genre how embarrassing for the world.
So no, maybe all her works aren t perfect Maybe there s further to push, maybe she sometimes gets it wrong, maybe the stories aren t all as vibrant These Full Cast Audio productions are the best things I ve come across this year My favourite stories, narrated by the author whose slow, slightly stilted reading feels clumsy at first but soon becomes soothing and mesmerising , acted by a full, perfect cast, and even produced by the author of another childhood favourite series Even a 21 hour cross world flight home was almost something to look forward to, knowing I d have uninterrupted hours of Tamora Pierce stories to listen to.

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