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[ Pdf Summary á young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Marvinn Land î This good and useful summary.
It leads you to read the book and talk about it The actual book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is worth reading and discussing So is this summary.
Sapiens A Brief History Of Humankind Key Takeaways And Analysis Sapiens, A New York Times Bestseller From Renowned Historian Yuval Noah Harari, Provides A Groundbreaking Narrative Our Species Creation And Evolution What Happened To The Other Species And What Will We Become Sapiens Integrates History And Science To Reconsider Commonly Held Beliefs, Address Important Issues Facing Our Society, And Examine Specific Events Within The Context Of Larger Philosophical Ideas This Summary Includes An Overview Of The Book, The Key Takeaways And Analysis Scroll Up And Click The Buy Button To Download This Book Right Now Mmmm This little book added little to the discussion for me Maybe it needed to be longer to be clearer.

this is not a list of takeaways but a set of opinions sometimes clashing with the originalthe author, while summarizing the original book can t help himself to add his own twist to the story often missing out counterpoints or clearly stating his disagreement and sharing his own views.
i was hoping for a quick read, not a politically biased review.
A Guide and Critical Review of Sapiens Yuval Harare s runaway best seller Sapiens has received rave reviews and is described as the most important books of the 21st Century It is an extremely complex review of the development of mankind from the stone age to today The purpose of Mr Land s Summary is to describe the key philosophy and concepts of Sapiens and provide the reader with 23 takeaways or insights he obtained thru reading the book I believe he has provided readers with several exceptional services First the reader is driven by an overwhelming desire to read Sapiens Second the reader is provided with a guide to understand this extremely complex work Finally Land introduces some counter arguments that are presented as food for thought ra

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