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75 Stars rounded up Imagine walking down your street to find someone else moving into your home The problem You haven t put it on the market Yeah, that has just happened to Fiona Lawson Fiona s terrifying discovery gets even worse when she tries and fails to get a hold of her estranged husband, Bram, only to find that his phone has been shut off and that he s MIA What on earth is going on here Is any of this for real Getting to the bottom of it will make your head spin, it did mine Our House is told in alternating timelines and POV s Though I felt that it stretched the realm of believability, I was intrigued enough to keep reading and boy was there a payoff The ending was like shazam A buddy read with Kaceey, so happy we read this together Thank you to Edelweiss, Penguin Publishing Group and Louise Candlish for an ARC of th I m going to keep this one short and sweet, because I ve found I don t have much to say that hasn t been said already This wasn t a bad read the cover is inviting, the premise is brilliant, and there was even a nice twist thrown in, so I did enjoy this overall My main issue was that the middle portion of the story felt bogged down It could just be that I was in a funk when I picked this up and needed something a little fast paced for the moment, but I felt the narrative was repetitive and that we were reading the same scenes again and again, which caused me to struggle for a bit Overall, the majority has raved about this one and I think it s worth picking up to decide if you enjoy it for yourself And by golly, that cover is quite stunningI received a review copy via the publisher.
On A Bright January Morning In The London Suburbs, A Family Moves Into The House They Ve Just Bought In Trinity AvenueNothing Strange About That Except It Is YOur House And You Didn T Sell ItFor Better, For WorseWhen Fi Arrives Home To Find A Removals Van Outside Her House, She Is Completely Blind Sided Trinity Avenue Has Been Her Family S Home For Years Where Are All Her Belongings How Could This Have Happened Desperately Calling Her Ex Husband, Bram, Who Owns The House With Her, Fi Discovers He Has DisappearedFor Richer, For PoorerThe Fi Uncovers, The She Realises Their Lives Have Been Turned Upside By A Nightmare Of Their Own Making A Devastating Crime Has Been Committed, But Who Exactly Is The Guilty Party What Has Bram Hidden From Her And What Has She Hidden From Him Till Death Us Do Part 4, thrillers are really bad for me trusting other people, everyone is a liar stars Roll er coast er roll er coast er a thing that contains or goes through wild and unpredictable changes.
Aye, you re not wrong there Webster.
This starts right out of the gate and immediately draws the reader in We begin our story with Fiona Fi Lawson arriving home earlier than expected to see strangers seemingly moving furniture in and out of her home without understanding why Upon entering, she and these strangers quickly realize that something is amiss The Vaughns have just completed their purchase of a beautiful home, in an incredibly desirable neighborhood in London unbeknownst to Fi the now previous owner With this information, the story begins and Fi s life, falls apart This was one of the most cleverly written and A domestic noir novel that will pull you into the suspense and shock you with every last twist Wow, I am beyond impressed with the new novel Our House by Louise Candlish By 30% through this book, I couldn t have put it down if I tried I first was introduced to Candlish in her previous book The Sudden Departure of the Frasers I loved that book, but this one shows a level of growth as a writer that has me positively glowing after reading it This one took ahold of my life and didn t release me When I finally finished it, I couldn t get over the ending for hours I was shocked and excited and I m even excited to share this with readers who will get to experience those twists for the first time About the BookFi and Br FAB U LOUS I absolutely LOVED Our House by Louise Candlish I couldn t put it down, couldn t stop thinking about it it was truly addictive, compelling and hypnotic It was by far the best psychological thriller I ve read for quite a while and I expect it to do extremely well in the bestsellers chart A family moves into the house they ve just bought in Trinity Avenue Nothing strange about that Except it is yOur House And you didn t sell it Fiona Fi arrives home to find a removals van outside her house Trinity Avenue has been her family s home for years Where are all her belongings How could this have happened Desperately calling her ex husband Bram, Fi discovers he has disappeared The Fi uncovers, the she realises their lives have been turned upside by a night 4.
5 Stars Filled With Madness.
5Father wears his Sunday bestMother s tired she needs a restThe kids are playing up downstairsSister s sighing in her sleepBrother s got a date to keepHe can t hang aroundOur house, in the middle of our streetOur house, in the middle of ourOur House it has a crowdThere s always something happeningAnd it s usually quite loudOur mum she s so house proudNothing ever slows her downAnd a mess is not allowedMadness Our House 1982Fiona was certainly house proud, but whether or not she liked a mess she certainly found herself in the middle of one imagine returning home to find someone else has moved into yOur House The problem As far as you know yOur House was never for sale and why can you not reach your ex husband on his The beginning draws the reader in, it is such a strange happening When Fi returns early from an out of town trip, she is surprises and confused, to find a new family inhabiting her house Going out of her way to be fair in regards to her cheating husband, aware of his love for his sons, she had agreed to share custody, and to retain the family home The parent would move in and out, with the children having a stable environment So how and why could this happen Secrets, intirgue, and a format using a television show and Twitter to tell the story We sleep hear from the husband in alternating chapters Twist after twist One would expect this to be a quick moving story, but I found it anything but I felt it dragged, read extremely slow Plus, hearing the story from both viewpoints created much unwelcome repetition I appreciate how this story was pu

My reviews can also be seen at Stars Can you imagine coming home one day to find strangers moving their belongings into YOUR home Unpacking and putting things away while you stand there in shock Well, that s exactly what has happened to Fiona Lawson in Our House.
The book starts off right at the heart of it Our female protagonist, forty two year old, Fiona Lawson is heading down her street and sees what looks like someone carrying items into her house She thinks that she must be seeing things But she s not two moving men are clearly walking down HER path, taking things into HER house.
She sees a woman who she thinks must be a friend of her estranged husband, Bram But when she speaks to this woman she s in no way prepared for what she hears We re just moving in My husband will be here soon with the second van S Oh my God, it s been a long time since I ve suffered through a book that made me want to just BE DONE WITH IT ALREADY But this book, Our House, by Louise Candlish, just seemed to just go on and ON Seriously, there was NO reason for this book to be 400 pages There were way too many asides throughout this novel, which slowed the pace greatly and contributed to the superfluous word count Not to mention, those peanut gallery comments from the viewers of the crime podcast that Fiona Lawson is telling her story to which allows for the author, Louise Candlish, to tell Fiona s story under the guise of recounting her story to these podcast listeners really burnt my biscuit They were so annoying, ridiculous and distracting that I trained myself

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