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Trailer ↠´ We Were Mothers PDF by í Katie Sise At first this gave me Desperate Housewives vibes but without the humor which then gave me Big Little Lies vibes either way, there s a neighborhood full of mothers daughters wives that all interconnect in some way or another and boy do they ALL have secrets Good lawd, did I need a chart of some kind to keep up with all of them.
I didn t feel like there was one particular plot line it did center around one particular thing but ultimately it felt like a glimpse inside a community and the drama that happens behind closed doors The intricacies of marriage, mother daughter relationships and how the secrets of the past always come to slap you in the face in the future.
I wish I had connected better with this book There were certain aspects that had me befuddled and going WHAT no, no, that just doesn t even ma Cora and her husband host a birthday party for their two year old twins, and things go downhill quickly afterwards Cora discovers a journal of her neighbor s daughter that reveals a secret Soon after, the neighbor s daughter goes missing As one weekend s events unravel, the lives of multiple families are changed The story opens with a birthday party for toddlers, where Cora has invited family and friends to celebrate her young children The guests include Cora s mother Sarah, her friend Jade, and her neighbor Laurel Each of these women has something going on in her life that they haven t been able to discuss with anyone else Central to the story is Cora, a married mom of toddler twins She lost her sister, Maggie, in a tragic accident years earlier, and still has trouble dealing with that loss The loss of Maggie A Brilliant, Twisty Novel About A Missing Woman, An Unfaithful Husband, And The Dark Secrets That Will Destroy Two Perfect FamiliesA Scandalous Revelation Is About To Devastate A Picturesque Town Where The Houses Are Immaculate And The Neighborhoods Are Tightly Knit Devoted Mother Cora O Connell Has Found The Journal Of Her Friend Laurel S Daughter A Beautiful College Student Who Lives Next Door Revealing An Illicit Encounter Hours Later, Laurel Makes A Shattering Discovery Of Her Own Her Daughter Has Vanished Without A Trace Over The Course Of One Weekend, The Crises Of Two Close Families Are About To Trigger A Chain Reaction That Will Expose A Far Disturbing Web Of Secrets Now Everything Is At Stake As They Re Forced To Confront The Lies They Have Told In Order To Survive 2.
5 do you love a soap opera story starsMy reviews can be seen here Wasn t that what mothers were there for You could rail against them, you could blame them, and you could hate them, but you still needed their love the way you needed water Today I have a review for the book We Were Mothers I have to say that being a mother of four plus this gorgeous cover are what attracted me to this book by Katie Sise It was a different type of book for me as I am not often attracted to the soap opera type of read.
There was much going in this upscale neighborhood of Ravenwood that housed secrets than the CIA Behind those beautiful closed doors and homes were secrets, buried intentions, and concealed feelings.
This story is told from four multiple points of view One of the ladies of the community was Cora, mother to twins You probably have meet her type, the type who hovers over her children and who w SO MANY SECRETS A brilliant, twisty novel about a missing woman, an unfaithful husband, and the dark secrets that will destroy two perfect families To be honest I was expecting another suspense novel that would keep my interest, throw a few twists in and leave me forgetting it days later This is definitely not the case with We Were Mothers.
The story is complex and layered It s a story about relationships, secrets, love and loss The timeline of this story is actually quite short Sure, there is history to the characters but a whole heck of a lot happens over a weekend I must admit it took me awhile to get all the characters straight Once I did, the story picked up some pace and I was 100% invested I m looking forward to discussing this with saltwaterreads on November 4th I recommend su Desperately tries to be Big Little Lies and fails Awful characters, terrible plot and lousy writing.
A fascinating account of what it means to be a mother It is a revelation of information about livingThis is a highly charged book with a pull for the reader Once begun, it is impossible to stop in a small town, the secrets that we keep and sacrifices we must make.
Easy to read, well written, emotional and self revelatory.
Cora lived in a perfect neighborhood The residents card for their properties and the houses immaculate One day she reads an entry in a journal belonging to her best friend s daughter and her life is changed forever Was she meant to have found and read it The revelations become a ducking vortex, destroying everyone involved.
Claire s daughter has disappeared Gone without any trace.
These events occur over one weeken I struggled this month to choose my free prime book because there seemed to be several good prospects I m slightly kicking myself that I went for We Were Mothers as I found it very ordinary and a bit disappointing The opening pace was SO slow that I really found myself checking other reviews to see if there was any prospect of it picking up I would say I was over a third of the way through before it became even slightly interesting I m not a fan of multi narrative stories at the best of times, even less so when the author doesn t give each character their own voice or point of view so I m left thinking Which one is this again far too often The first third takes place at a birthday party in a nice suburban setting where a group of couples are celebrating the second birthday of the twin

We Were Mothers by Katie Sise is really of a domestic drama than anything It s one of those that I like to think of as popcorn books that you grab your popcorn and sit back and watch the drama unfold before your eyes as you read This one really did deliver on the promised twists but a few of those may need to suspend disbelief a bit.
The story is told from the point of view of Cora, Sarah, Jade and Laurel Cora is the young mother to two year old twins who finds her husband has cheated with the babysitter and Sarah is Cora s mother Jade is a good friend of the family who is considering adoption and Laurel is the mother of the teen that babysat for Cora s family.
What we have in the book is different ways different generations handle things, struggles with life and love, abuse, lies and deception or dealing with loss among many other thing 1.
5 STARSLately I ve done a terrible job choosing free Prime First Reads from My enjoyment of We Were Mothers was one star, but I think Katie Sise s novel is better than my enjoyment of it.
Told from multiple points of view We Were Mothers is full of characters I didn t care about, heavy on plot of cheating and lies and slow to grab interest The writing isn t terrible, but never pulled me in None of the characters felt unique Sise did include twists and turns, some felt stilted, as if they were added for shock value The ending wasn t satisfying Check out some positive reviews Judging from reviews We Were Mothers was well received by many readers unless Sise has many friends and family Here s to better choices for October.

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