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ê Read â Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) by Shannon Messenger È Edit Take a look at this Timestamp 30 seconds Please take the following rant with a grain of salt.
My friend introduced me to this series a year or two ago and it was one of the first series I added to Goodreads At first, I really enjoyed it but with every book, I just gotandannoyed Nevermind the fact that this series is basically a Harry Potter rip off My issue is that this series is, what the YouTube Community would call, a content farm For those of you who don t know what that means, it is basically a creator that just reposts old content to getviews For example, 5 Minute Crafts.
This series is just that Recycled content being published over and over again The basic plot of every single goddamn book in this series is as follows Sophie and her friends are in trouble Sophie has some sort of issue with her powers Sophie gets this close to discovering everyt I wish I had a time machine to see this book sooner.
Keefoster better work out.
Update 2 3 I know I m super late, but it has a title, Legacy A lot of people called it, but I m curious to see what it means There are a lot of possible meanings like the Vacker legacy and Keefe s legacy.
Update 5 13 Well it s about darn time The glorious cover is now here Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe Shannon Messenger might be trolling us And also, are they in the human world COME OUT SOONER PLEASE.

THIS DUCKING COVER 1 Keeper of the Lost Cities 2 Exile 3 Everblaze 4 Neverseen 5 Lodestar 6 Nightfall 6.
1 Nightfall Keefe Short Story 7 Flashback 7.
1 Flashback Fitz s Short Story This may not be my favorite series any but I WILL NEVER EVER STOP SHIPPING SOKEEFE I m dying I want it right away Ugggghhhhh Gimme this quirky wonderment of goodness I want itttttttt Now I just wanted to write something, so ignore the stars.
I may have hated Flashback but I am still super excited for this I bet the title is Legacy have to wait oneday for the confirmation, though I hope that Keeper 8 restores my love for everything Ah Can t wait MoreDex MoreKeefe MoreEveryone ExceptFitz P.
S In the published part of goodreads, it says October 11th So not November I really hope this is true EDIT WE HAVE A TITLEIT S LEGACYI WAS RIGHTAHH ALSO OFFICIAL RELEASE NOVEMBER 5Edit 2 We have a summary Yay Now we need the cover and the actual book xDEdit 3 Yay, a cover I am simultaneously so happy that my favorite character Keefe is on the cover and also irritated that my least favorite Fitz is on the cover Oh well, what can ya do I really like this cover, except Sophie seems to be drawn oddly The express I m rooting for Team Foster Keefe it s a no for Fitzphie from me January 18, 2019So I didn t like Flashback as much as the rest of the series Sue me But I m hoping that everything from Flashback sort of comes together in this book, and that my love of Kotlc is renewed I still love Kotlc, of course, but I need it to end just as beautifully as it started And I m sure it will Yay Book 8 June 9, 2019Legacy London A cover representing Sokeefe and Sofitz I must say, we re off to a good start If only the plot and the pacing turns out as good as the title and the cover, I ll be happy.
Can Not Wait.
Illusions Shatter And Sophie And Her Friends Face Impossible Choices In This Astonishing Eighth Book In The New York Times And USA TODAY Bestselling Keeper Of The Lost Cities SeriesSophie Foster Wants Answers But After A Lifetime Of Lies, Sometimes The Truth Is The Most Dangerous Discovery Even The Smallest Secret Comes With Terrifying New Responsibilities And Sophie S Not The Only One With Blank Spots In Her Past, Or Mysteries Surrounding Her Family She And Her Friends Are Part Of Something Much Bigger Than They Imagined And Their Roles Have Already Been Chosen For ThemEvery Clue Drags Them Deeper Into The Conspiracy Every Memory Forces Them To Question Everything Especially One Another And The Harder They Fight, The The Lines Blur Between Friend And Enemy I have mixed emotions, I m happy because I get to seeof this but I m also annoyed because I thought the series was over and it s stopping me in my tracks Just thinking about how muchI need to wait is lowkey killing me I was going to cry because I thought the series was coming to end but now I think I ll just cry because we have to wait 2years.

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