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↠´ Missing, Presumed Dead ☆ Download by ✓ Emma Berquist Missing, Presumed Dead was a very unique story It s almost hard to compare it to something else, I think that it s probably going to appeal most to the Buffy and Supernatural crowd Basically we have a queer paranormal mystery that takes place in our everyday world This was my introduction to Emma Berquist s writing and I thought it was really unique and strong The story starts with our main protagonist Lexi, who has a very powerful, if not inconvenient gift where she can see can see how and when other people will die when she touches them It s not a gift Lexi is happy about, it was passed down from her Grandfather, and it s caused her to have very few friends or relationships she s isolated herself as much as possibly However, she has to work to live, so she uses her gift at a club downtown that is kind i will personally beat down every f f author s door if they continue this underdeveloped sapphic romance trend where they don t get together until the last fucking page With A Touch, Lexi Can Sense How And When Someone Will Die Some Say It S A Gift But To Lexi It S A Curse One That Keeps Her Friendless And Alone All That Changes When Lexi Foresees The Violent Death Of A Young Woman, Jane, Outside A Club But Jane Doesn T Go To The Afterlife Quietly Her Ghost Remains Behind, Determined To Hunt Down Her Murderer, And She Needs Lexi S Help In Life, Jane Was Everything Lexi Is Not Outgoing, Happy, Popular But In Death, All Jane Wants Is Revenge Lexi Will Do Anything To Help Jane, To Make Up For The Fact That She Didn T Couldn T Save Jane S Life, And To Keep This Beautiful Ghost Of A Girl By Her Side For As Long As Possible Last year I read Berquist s debut novel, Devils Unto Dust, and ended up putting it on my favourites 2018 shelf Missing, Presumed Dead is another complete hit for me As was the case in Devils Unto Dust, Berquist puts her main character Lexi front and centre, her complicated interpersonal relationships, and the difficult interior life she struggles to get out from under Lexi can not only see ghosts, she sees dead people walking all around her every time she touches someone she sees the manner of their death.
Unbearably lonely, Lexi sinks to the edge and often below into depression, but her life starts to change when Lexi sees a young woman s violent death just hours before she knows that death will occur There isn t anything Lexi can do to stop Jane s death, but when Jane reappears as a ghost, the two young women form a bond based on, among other thing This story was immediately engaging with a main character whose horrible gift isolates her and leaves her deeply unhappy and lonely A chance encounter with a young woman at the club where she works leaves Lexi drowning in guilt, as she saw the other woman murdered brutally.
When Jane, now a ghost, turns to Lexi for help, Lexi feels obligated to investigate, as a way to find who is targeting other young people, also with various gifts.
Emma Berquist s story drew me in, and I empathized with Lexi, and kept hoping something positive would happen for her I really enjoyed this mystery ghosts serial killer story, much the same way I totally enjoyed Berquist s fantastic story Devils Unto Dust.
I adored Berquist s debut novel last year and was so excited to see that she was, once again, coming out with something completely new and different.
It didn t take me long to pick it up and dig right in I loved the whole unique concept of this book With a blend of the everyday with a supernatural spin that sets it apart from others in the genre.
A mystery filled with ghosts and magic and things that can go bump in the night A very unexpected hint of romance and you combine it all into a story that was truly hard to put down And even though it wasn t at all what I had been expecting, I really did enjoy it, weird romance angle and all ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Why aren t people reading this I really liked a premise and as a fan of the TV shows ghost whisperer and medium I was intrigued but somehow on the fence cause I didn t want to read the same old story.
Luckily that didn t happen first of all Lexi s power has to it than seeing ghosts, knowing how and when people are gonna die was a really nice addition and it gave her an excuse for being a jerk most of the book She was lonely and in pain.
Again I don t want to give things away but I just love the world that is written and there is much than ghosts.
Listen, this book is everything you could want from a gritty queer urban fantasy Murder Ghosts Murdered gay ghosts who don t fall into the bury your gays trope because, you know they re not buried Missing, Presumed Dead isn t my usual cup of tea, but Emma Berquist s debut, Devils Unto Dust, was so innovative that I had to check this one out and I m so glad I did.
Even though the main character, Lexi, isn t exactly likable, I loved her It is, after all, understandable why she s jaded and prickly because she can see how people die with a touch, Lexi carries a lot of fear and trauma with her that masquerades as anger She reminded me a lot of Kaz Brekker, actually, which I liked Girls often aren t allowed to be antagonistic too often it s construed as a

Now I have feelings, book, how dare you.
5 stars.
I love ghost stories It s not so much about wanting to believe in the paranormal or wanting to talk about what is after death that s not what draws me in It s that haunting stories are stories about isolation There s something inherently detached from reality in this kind of paranormal They are stories about the word s hidden pockets, the in between spaces, for the lonely and the lost They are about the weight isolation has on a person, and seeing Lexi s journey with that, seeing how what the story does with this theme, meant so much to me.
Lexi is a bitter and deeply pessimistic person The first impression I had of this story, before I really got to know her and her circumstances, was that it really was a downer And it s not I m not saying this just because there is humor dark and sarca i want a ghost girlfriend

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