á The Jungle Book (Scholastic Junior Classics) Ö Download by É Jane B. Mason

á The Jungle Book (Scholastic Junior Classics) Ö Download by É Jane B. Mason An Exciting Retelling Of Rudyard Kipling S Classic Tale For Beginning Chapter Book Readers Mowgli Is A Boy Who Was Raised By Wolves He Lives In The Jungle And Spends His Days Climbing Trees, Eating Honey, And Swimming In Forest Pools The Jungle Is Mowlgi S Home But Not Everyone Wants Him There Mowlgi Has A Dangerous Enemy, The Ferocious Tiger Shere Kahn Mowgli Knows That Someday He Will Be Forced To Fight Shere Kahn Or Leave The Jungle For Good Joshua enjoyed this sweet retelling of Mowgli s adventure.

This version was not my favorite It was difficult for the kids to follow while I read aloud and the final chapter didn t connect to the rest of the book which was confusing for some kids It did lead to some interesting theory discussion, but none of those theories actually panned out because it was a separate story I don t think I would read it again to students, but I do have it available if students want to read it on their own.
This book is about a boy named Mowgli and he was raised in the jungle with wolves He spent his life by climbing trees but one of the wolves doesn t like him which is Shere Kahn I liked this book because there s a boy living in the jungle without his parents and he was able to live on his own This book is a fantasy I d recommend this book to my friends and family because the story getsinteresting.

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