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↠´ Read Î Indian Summer (Mirabelle Bevan Mystery #7) by Sara Sheridan Î Another great addition to the Mirabelle Bevan series Mirabelle investigates the murder of a priest and disappearance of a sister Superintendent McGregor and Vesta also make a reappearance.
Bevan works through a priest murder in a women s world.
Mirabella senses an issue and starts down her intriguing journey watching a priest The story develops into a complex who dunit and why.
Mirabella s personal life is messy and somehow as she untangles her independent but sometimes lonely life the story unfolds.
A number of questions arise with moral dilemmas which are twisted by the need for secrecy Did the nurses do the right thing Did outlawed issues drive lawful people into difficult unlawful situations Does the book represent a society with dual morality that exposed in 50s Interesting read It s the first book i read in this series and I m happy I requested it because it s engaging and entertaining.
I liked the plot, the well written characters and the setting.
The cast of characters is interesting even if they re not always likable, the setting is lovely and I liked the descriptions.
The mystery was ok, no plot hole, and it kept me guessing till the end.
Recommended Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.

Can t ever take Mirabelle for granted she continues to grow There were elements of the story that I liked, but I found Mirabelle quite confusing For most of book the author had her behaving strangely for no real reason At times she seemed to be verging on alcoholism Her relationship with Vesta was quite strained and her love life was just annoying.
As for the investigation, that wasn t great, for most of the story Mirabelle wasn t on top form and seemed to just drift along without getting anywhere There was an improvement towards the end, but I thought the actual ending left too many loose ends, in fact it almost felt like the author was giving up on the series.
If possible I would have given 2.
5 stars.
Brighton, Mirabelle Bevan Can T Resist A Cry For Help, Be It The Little Girl At A Seaside Sanatorium Who Is Getting Bullied Or The Strange Behaviour Of Uma, The Indian Nurse Who Is Looking After Her Intrigued She Soon Finds Herself Drawn Into A Spider S Web Of Connections Between An Upmarket Brothel, Local Priest Father Grogan, A Man S Body Washed Up On Brighton Beach And A Missing Nursing SisterAttracted To Handsome Police Doctor, Chris Williams, Mirabelle Is Determined To Finally Put Her Love Affair With Jack Duggan Behind Her And Recover From The Betrayal Of Superintendent Alan McGregor, But The Police Force In Brighton Is Undergoing A Sea Change That Keeps Leading Her Back To The Sanatorium At The Epicentre Of A Spate Of Brutal Killings And Very Soon It Becomes Apparent Mirabelle Is In Much Danger Than She Realises With Sharp Blows Delivered For Gender And Racial Equality, Sheridan S Story Builds To A Chilling Climax Daily Mail

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