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Trailer ✓ How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy PDF by ↠´ Jenny Odell It s tempting to conclude this book with a single recommendation about how to live But I refuse to do that That s because the pitfalls of the attention economy can t just be avoided by logging off and refusing the influence of persuasive design techniques they also emerge at the intersection of issues of public space, environmental politics, class, and race This is not at all a how to, but a multidisciplinary work on engaging with the world outside of the corporate controlled attention economy It s dense and philosophical, incorporating theory, art criticism, tech, and nature writing It made me see differently and want to exist differently I love books that do that We need books to remind humans of our place in the vast planet and to put us in our place.
Similarly, we should resist low key dehumanisation by corporations We should not have to resist having our li Taste strawberry flavored hard candyI confess that one of the reasons for picking up this book was the cover art lol And I confess that I didn t know what this nothing meant perhaps for laziness Four day work week But I m just joking here.
The main point is this stop giving so easily attention to what the media chaos god is asking from you and it asks for all , for there is a big source for anxiety, fear, and despair, if things get out of control Instead take time back go to places of nature inside gardens, parks, bigger parks outside town Go make contact with people, take part in your community, learn of the history of the place you re living in It is understandable that not all have the financies, time, or supportive people to do many things here, but merely refusing attention from some forms of media can be just the right little things, even if the time doing so it little This Thrilling Critique Of The Forces Vying For Our Attention Re Defines What We Think Of As Productivity, Shows Us A New Way To Connect With Our Environment And Reveals All That We Ve Been Too Distracted To See About Our Selves And Our WorldWhen The Technologies We Use Every Day Collapse Our Experiences Into Availability, Platforms For Personal Branding, And Products To Be Monetized, Nothing Can Be Quite So Radical As Doing Nothing Here, Jenny Odell Sends Up A Flare From The Heart Of Silicon Valley, Delivering An Action Plan To Resist Capitalist Narratives Of Productivity And Techno Determinism, And To Become Meaningfully Connected In The Process full disclosure i literally only had one page left to read in this book but i left my backpack with it inside a chipotle, anyways it still changed my life It s hard for me to reconcile that the fundamental things the author talks about in this book the attention economy, its link to capitalism, how we all need to slow down and think about what we re doing, are all true, and yet the tone is just so smug, lecturing, and talking down at the reader from the lofty heights of liberal academia, as opposed to rooted in the real world where the reader is, with the problem at hand To give you an idea of one of the sentences If we think about what it means to concentrate or pay attention at an individual level, it implies alignment different parts of the mind and even the body acting in concert and oriented towards the same thing Why not just say, Concentrating means the body and the mind working together The whole book is like this, very hard to get through, meandering Collective self help for middle class leftist intelligentsia Has the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll with your loony hippie friend who is at once an overeducated ecosocialist and a crackpot Zen mind hacker You have no idea why she loves birdwatching so much to her it s a proto spiritual experience, to you it seems superficially like playing Pok mon Go nor can you figure out how she affords to live on the Oakland Piedmont border without a full time job The slick meta takeaway is that the very act of reading this book is an exercise in the kind of deliberate anti productivity that Odell is urging Can t decide if this is 2 or 4 stars so I ll give it a 3.
Like others, this book is not what I was expecting I was expecting of a how to, self help book but instead this is a very heady, very academic and well researched treatise on attention, culture, and our society at large I didn t get to finish because of a slew of family events, but what I read I didrespect I never was excited to pick the book back up, but once I did I always found the author s arguments original and well founded I found myself wanting to highlight a LOT This book is for deep thinkers, armchair philosophers, and those interested in peeling back the layers of our constructed reality.

A very short review which doesn t do justice to this book yes, I was taken by the self helpy title I was hoping that it would provide some guidelines based on extensive research into how we all get hooked on refreshing feeds full of people we don t know talking about things that we pretty much instantly forget about as soon as we close our browser that s just me, maybe Instead, I got birds This is fine I don t dislike birds, although I am not keen on the finding self in nature essay book They all sound same to me, as much as I very vaguely want to be that kind of person Jenny Odell champions bioregionalism, which, according to wiki, means advocacy of the belief that human activity should be largely constrained by ecological or geographical boundaries rather than political ones This attention to our surroundings is needed urgently climate change , while I found an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book at the library where I work, so I was able to read this before the public gets to it this April None of the other librarians had taken it, and I usually don t end up reading ARCs, but after looking at the cover a couple times, I found myself genuinely intrigued As I finished the first chapter, I knew that I was going to read the entire thing I am personally in a state of constant love and hate as well as inspiration and anxiety in terms of my relationship to social media particularly Instagram , and this book spoke volumes to me about a term that is curiously not found anywhere within these pages mindfulness Odell probably omitted that word intentionally, as her goal in her personal and business life does not want to seduce readers into hot and trending terminology, a Anyone who has run a public event where you show people other organisms has fielded the horrible, soul crushing question, But what does it do or worse, What s it good for They re not unreasonable questions, perfectly understandable, human questions really, and at the same time completely maddening to an ardent naturalist, as if you d just introduced your beloved mother to someone who then asked, Nice to meet you, but what are you good for If I m feeling forthright, I ll reply, Nothing, really What are you good for but maybe what I should start doing instead is kidnap the questioner and force them to listen to me read this entire book aloud.
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