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[ Read Online Save Me - BTS Webtoon Ë detective PDF ] by BigHit Entertainment ✓ Everything BTS is perfection.
Okay, so if you re a BTS fan and you didn t know, they created this webcomic that explains what a lot of the storylines behind their music videos are It s ongoing, so I m saying I ve completed it even though not all the episodes are out yet, but I m officially up to date and it s SO GOOD Here s the link if you wanna check it out From The BU BTS Universe Seven Boys Best Friends Their Fates Intertwined Through The Good Times Together, But Also The Tough Times One Will Do Anything To Save Them, But Can He Fifteen Episodes As Of April , Going By Avg Webtoon Pages Taehyung kills his father Yoongi commits suicide Namjoon ends up in prison Jungkook dies Hoseok and Jimin are hospitalized These are the fates of Seokjin s 6 friends, unless he can go back in time and help his friends come together to fix their mistakes Fortunately for Seokjin, he is caught in a time loop where he relives the same key moments over and over again, until he can correct the timeline Unfortunately for Jin, this will involve a lot of opening and closing of his bedroom curtains While this story might appear to just be Groundhog Day meets k pop, there is much to it than that It delves into themes of growing up, battling your demons, and learning to love yourself This comic series will, hopefully, fill in the gaps With the help of BTS and their music I managed to slowly overcome the worst time in my life I will be forever grateful.
What The Hell.
Bighit My darling Bighit.
It cannot end like that Is there another series I m Fine maybe Please Come on Bighit, you can t finish it like that I need to know what happens Does Jin break the time line Does he save everyone WHAT HAPPENS TO MY BABY BOYS Actual review kind of This was a BTS webtoon Of course I liked it It had time travel, a broken BTS, plot twists, cliffhangers and the 7 most important guys in my life except for family How could I not like it Kim Seokjin our precious worldwide handsome Jin finds himself waking up on the 11th of April at 10am everyday, and finds out that his mission is to bring back together his brothers BTS and save all the members from terrible fates However, something always goes wrong and he finds the day constantly repeating Can he save everyone Well actually we don t know if he can Because Bighit ENDS T If you could turn back time, do you believe you can straighten out the errors and mistakes, and save everyoneSave Me is a serialized graphic novel, available to read for free on Webtoon, that chronicles the events of the Bangtan Universe Those of you who aren t BTS trash like myself may be unfamiliar with the BU, but it s basically an alternate universe in which the seven members of BTS aren t K pop idols but rather regular guys who meet during their school years The Bangtan Universe began in BTS music videos and The Notes inside their albums, and has now extended into a web comic The seven boys Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook meet at school and become best friends, using an abandoned storage room as a place to hang out and find solace from their respective A BTS comic What do we need

daily reminder that i love bts with all of my heart and they wreck me one day after another and i am here for it RTC after I m done crying.

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