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Download Epub Format ✓ Sofia PDF by Û Melissa Jane Sofia, 4th book in the Bittersweet Familia series, rocks Just like the other books in the series, this book is full of surprises In this book, it s Marcela Ortiz or Sofia s story The opening of the book is great It was heartbreaking and full of unexpected things As the story goes, things getinteresting To make my review and so that you ll definitely read the book, find out if Sofia will find her own hero and will she have the revenge she wanted Ms Melissa nailed it again This book will rock your world This book have sensitive topics, so if you re not into dark books.
I suggest you skip it.
Obsessed by books copy given in exchange for an honest review It was then it all dawned on me who he truly was He was the face that would be my destruction And so the story comes full circle when the final player in the game reveals her cards A deck filled with horror, sadness and all consuming pain Marcela s story completes this series in the most beautiful way Her fate is decided by one decision, to accompany her sisiter and her new boyfriend on a business trip mixed with pleasure Her choice to go and ensure her sister s safety forever alters the course of her life and signals the beginning of the end of her hopes and dreams Reading how the once full of life Marcela is slowly, painfully morphed into the cold and harsh Sofia we meet in the first Bittersweet novel is devastating Her systematic destruction at the hands of Juan An Alternative Cover Edition For This ASIN Can Be Found HereHe Smiles Winks Eyes Glistening An Evilness Known To No Other And Then I Lose Everything It Takes A HeartbeatA Silent PromiseA Guarantee That It S All Only Just The Beginning Everyone Has A Story Mine Is Not One I Don T Want To Remember Deceived By Those Closest To Me, I Was Thrown Deep Into A World Of Violence, Corruption And Trafficking The Dark, Sinister World Belonging To One Hector Florez, Mexico S Leading Cartel Boss What He Wants Is Control What I Crave Is Freedom They Say Everyone Has An Angel Watching Over Them, ProtectingMe I Had My Very Own Demon This is book 4 and the conclusion of the Bittersweet series You need to read the previous books because not only are there spoilers, but the other books tie into this final one and you ll miss important details and not know the characters as you should at this point This is Sofia s Marcela s story about how she came to be Hector s possession and about the years she lived in the Florez mansion Sofia s real name is Marcela and her sister was Sofia They take a trip on a super yacht with Sofia s boyfriend Alex and his friend Xavier For several days the group lounges around, swims and enjoys their time together On several occasions, Marcela feels as though the others are hiding secrets from her, but she decides to ignore it and concentrate on having fun This all comes to a tragic end when the yacht is boarded by unwanted visitors There are deaths, drugs, Marcela loses Great dark read, thoroughly enjoyed itSofia is the fourth story in the Bittersweet Familia by Melissa Jane and this one does not disappoint.
Marcela Ortiz s story is one you will not soon forget She is caught up in a world where violence, domination, slavery, and horror become part of her everyday life A life which she cannot escape, but a life she tries every day just to live through She is strong, but even strong women have their limits and Sofia is brought to those limits often during this story Her journey is tough, and extraordinarily sad at times.
This book starts out with two sisters going out on a fantastic yachting adventure Marcela meets the gorgeous, Xavier and, of course, romance ensues But not for long There s a twist in the story and Marcela is taken captive by a Mexican cartel boss and her life is irrevocably changed as she becomes h Received a copy in exchange for an honest review I was deceived by my own flesh and blood and by the man I had slept with Anything I said now would only add fuel to the fire 5 brilliant stars I love this series and I love this author Her books are gripping and horrifically beautiful at the same time Sofia is 4th in the series and contains serious spoilers for Little Doll, Crimson Desert Laughing Eyes As well as serious spoilers, Sofia contains EXTREME adult themes and must be approached with maturity While this is a work of fiction, there may be cause for triggers in some readers Everyone has a story For Marcela Ortiz, hers is not one she wants to remember Deceived by those closest to her, Marcela is thrown deep into a world of violence, I received a ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review.
5 read.
This is the fourth book in the series and in my opinion you really need to read the first three books before this one to fully appreciate this book otherwise you wont get this book at all Its hard to give a review without giving to much away so I ll keep this short and sweet and this is a gripping, intense, dark suspenseful book that takes you on a compete emotional ride throughout and I loved every minute of it It is a dark read and there could be some triggers for some readers I was gripped from the first chapter with this book and is full of surprises I m not usually a dark book type of girl I admit I mof a soft center but this book is so well wrote and its such a g

Must read This book is a must read It is the fourth and final book in the series and I would highly recommend that you read the first three books before reading this one so that you can get the whole big picture, and truly be able to appreciate the story fully You will love Marcela, she is a beautiful, strong character, and you will find yourself becoming emotionally invested in her and her happiness and well being This book is suspenseful, dark, and gritty, and deals with some things that may be triggers to sensitive some readers It is absolutely riveting and very hard to put down once you start I was sucked into the story from the start and definitely did not want to put this book down I don t want to leave any spoilers, but I will say prepare yourself for one hell of a ride I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
5 StarsWARNING If you ve not read the other books in the Bittersweet Familia series then this review may contain spoilers These books cannot be read as standalones and must be read in order.
This is Sofia s story who we first met in Little Doll You may remember her as the woman at Hector s mansion who was in charge of getting the girls ready for the nights they were to be paraded in front of potential buyers Now, she didn t come off particularly well in Little Doll in her dealings with Laila but this book really helps you to understand what she was going through and how the things she did she did only to survive Some parts of this book are hard to read, Sofia went through so much that you can only admire her strength and durability.
You get to find out how Sofia to came to be at the hell on earth that is Hector s mansio I went into this series thinking it s the same old story but let me tell you each side has a story to tell and a part to play it was actually amazing

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