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[A.D. Justice] ¸ Wicked Games (Steele Security, #1) [books-about-books PDF] Read Online × 3.
5 4 I Want More Stars I can t believe it took me this long to get round to this book A.
D Justice sent me an arc a while back.
a long while back and for some reason or the other I kept putting it aside and saying I will read it later Sorry But this was getting ridiculous and I said to myself I will definitely read it next and tadaaa I did and I really enjoyed it This is book 1 in the Steele Security Series and its the story of Noah Steele and Brianna Tate.
This book is filled with suspense, romance, second chances, security and issues and so much.
What would you do if you found out something you shouldn t have Something so big that people would kill for it to be hidden or destroyed.
Brianna finds proof of dirty dealings and ends up having to hide,change her identity and let the people she loves think she is dead.
Al REVIEW OF AUDIO EBOOK AUG 11, 2014Narrator Deb BoothThe Narration New narrator for me and I am impressed Some may find her voice too old for the heroine but I always like those sultry voices and if the heroine is too young for a voice like Booth s, I doubt I d be interested in the book.
I hope Booth will be narrating I d love to have narrating the Karen Rose books.
The Story started out good but tumbled downhill soon after I find it implausible that Brianna would not trust Reaper with what was happening and thought she could handle things herself Is this woman TSTL Reaper and his team of men are Delta Force, for God s sake Brianna had spent time living among them when she was just 22 and writing a story on these covert ops guys She got romantically involved with Reaper during that time, there s a separation, a reunion, then a 3 year disappearance when Bri Holy hell I absolutely loved this book This is the first book I read by A.
D Justice, and I was pleasantly surprise I was hooked from the first page and I didn t put it down till I was done Yes, I read it in one sitting and had to start the second one right away, yes, it is that good I really liked the writing, the storyline and the characters I loved that it s written in dual POVs, so we get both sides of the story Steele Security is formed by a group of former soldiers who created a bond while serving and decided to go into the security business after they return from deployment They are brothers and Brianna is their adopted sister who earned the honor while they were overseas and she went to interview them for an article Brianna and Noah are immediately attracted to each other and they fall hard.
Brianna Sunny , is a kick ass heroine who I Last night I read A.
D Justice s book Wicked Games This is the first in the Steele series It is definitely a thrilling book and one that pulls you in and makes you want to read the sequel now I can t wait until the sequel comes out His characters come alive in his book You are kept on the edge of your seat as Brianna comes out of the Witness Protection Service to help her lover, Noah Three years ago, she was an investigative journalist on the trail of a big story She went to the Middle East to get further confirmation of her story when she was killed in a plane crash Her friends and family and Noah believe she and Richard Hollingsworth, a DOD executive, were both on the flight Neither was When she sees Richard s picture in the paper with a story about his being abducted by terrorists, she knows she has to come ba This is the first time I have read anything by this author and loved this book, my heart broke for Brianna and so glad she found her HEA I am looking forward to books of her brothers and their HEA I kind of read A.
D s books backwards Having read Wicked Ties first and loving it so much, and completely falling in love with Bull aka Colton, I went back to read Noah Brianna s story A.
D has created a series of hot as hell, captivating, lovable, story lines in the Steele Security Series I love these guys I can t wait to read about Rebel and Shadow next A.
D s books are page turners that kept me guessing, with just enough steam and just enough angst A.
D Justice has turned me into a stalker and I will consume anything she publishes This series is a MUST READ.
Investigative Reporter Brianna Tate Stumbled Upon A Career Making Story That Changed Her Entire Life When The Trail Led Her Into A Dangerous Web Of Lies, She Was Forced To Choose Between Destroying The Man She Loved And Giving Up Her Entire Life To Enter WITSEC After Three Years Of Living As Someone Else, Everything Changed When Her True Identity And Location Were Discovered Noah Reaper Steele Created A Successful Business In Steele Security, But He Never Fully Recovered After He Lost Brianna He Shared His Bed With Other Women But They Never Had His Heart Noah S Life Solely Revolved Around His Work Everything Changed The Night He Caught An Intruder In His House And Learned It Was Actually His Long Dead Love, Brianna With Their Reunion, They Discovered The Passion That Fueled Their Relationship Was Still Alive, Burning Hotter Than Ever However, Even Noah S Love Couldn T Erase The Sting Of Her Betrayal, And He Wrestled With Allowing Her Back In His Life Brianna Was The Only Woman He D Ever Loved, But He Wasn T Sure He Could Forgive Her Treachery For Both To Survive, Noah And Brianna Had To Band Together, Uncover The Truth, And Reveal The Real Threat Before It Was Too Late In His Fight Against The Wicked Games That Surrounded Him, Would He End Up Losing Her All Over Again Recommended For Readers Due To Language, Violence And Sexual Content WoW What a whopper of a story with all the espionage of spies, lies, corruption, and breach of security, OH MY AH yes, lust and love in the form of a sexy nosey investigative reporter and Hot O Licious ex military leader gone security Brianna Tate a.
a Bri alias Kristina Miller, Leslie Solomon, and Briana Steele, has become a woman on the run For her running had become her addiction and her only way of dealing with the pain inside And for good reason.
Noah Steele thump thump THUD Yum o ex military security God Reaper will never let the memory of his sexy little investigator go Together with his teammates, Rebel, Bull, and Shadow they will wade through horrible deeds and sift through implicating documents and bring down the terror that s enfolding all around them.
Richard Hollingsworth a.
a Judge, begins to feel the gates of hell falling down around him, and the devi I can t get enough of this series and it s only the beginning I ve been eyeing this series for quite some time and and I THRILLED to picked up Wicked Games We are introduced to Noah Reaper , as well as to his brothers , and the steam coming from these HOT, SEXY, ALPHA males will make your kindle melt So beware We are also introduced to Brianna, a smart as a whip, logical, selfless reporter.
These two meet under unplanned circumstances, forced apart, come together again, and forced apart again It s heartbreaking the situations that arise that force the two apart Characters that once could be trusted are no longer trust worthy The story is written where you can feel the characters emotions betrayal, mourning, lust, and love I catch myself completely entwined into the story, with plenty of action, unexpected twists and turns, this book keeps me on the edge of t Wicked Games grabbed me from the first page and didn t let go This is a must read book It has drama, angst, intrigue, romance, hot sex, and redemption I was literally flipping pages before I was done to see what happened next Brianna and Noah are characters we all can relate to Wicked Games is a page turned that proves when you love someone with your whole heart you will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and also that you can t help who you love My opinion, MUST read 5 stars

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