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[ Read Online The Janitor ì whodunit PDF ] by Jan Irving ↠´ I found Dane a sweet and innocent character despite his mental limitations Noel was a perfect match for him with his intelligence and determination to help Dane achieve what his goals are Very likeable heros with a sexy and sweet plot I loved it What a great read I really did love this book for a number of reasons Dane Connelly is without doubt one of the sweetest, most innocent characters I ve encountered in a long time and Noel Atherton was interesting and the perfect man for him They needed each other and they found each other, which was lovely The supporting characters were terrific too Mr Trent, Gilbert, Charlie and the various boxers at the gym On the other hand Noel s father was heinous, as were those he manipulated to hurt his son s relationship and hurt Dane himself.
I know some people had a problem with Daddy being used in the bedroom but here s the deal it was a fantasy and it was also an outlet for two people desperately needing to express themselves for two reasons 1 Noel was crippled in one leg after a car accident, that also killed his mother, so he felt less than a man, his fathe I M A Naturally Optimistic Type Of Person, You Know Yeah, I Think Good Things Will Happen, Only They Usually Don T Take Noel Even Though He S Educated And Rich And He Don T Think He S Even Gay, I Want To Belong To Him I Want Him To Take Me Completely Dane ConnellyDane Connelly Is A Gay Janitor And Boxer With A Soft Heart And A Simple Outlook He Wants To Meet The Right Man, Someone Who Will Look Past His Macho Sport And Put Him In The Place Of A Submissive He Wants To Fall In Love And Belong To His PartnerOn The Surface, Noel Atherton, An Intellectual, Shy, And Sexually Repressed University Graduate Student With A Crippled Leg, Could Not Be The Dominant Lover That Dane Longs For But After Their First Meeting, When Dane Disables The Fire Alarm In The Library And Lights A Cigarette, Noel Is Drawn From His Shell Soon, Noel Needs To Touch Dane, Exploring His Sexuality For The First Time And Both Learn That Looks Can Be DeceivingHowever, Noel S Controlling Father Is Appalled By The Relationship And Quietly Arranges To Get Dane Out Of The Way And Punish Him For Daring To Love A Man So Far Above His Station At first glance, it would be rather easy to pass this off as a bad book Without a doubt, The Janitor is not a stellar piece of quality fiction However, the plot and characters ideas are intriguing and could have been crafted in such a way to deliver a complex and emotional journey as these two men find love Yet the author commits several glaring and amateurish mistakes, which turn this novel from something with potential to an exaggerated stereotype, filled with homophobic dialogue and one dimensional characters Seeing as this is the debut novel for the author, one hopes future novels will grow from these mistakes into a fully realized and developed plot with complicated and involved characters None of which was present here, but lurking under the bad writing is a hint of possible potential.
The plot revolves around Dane, the ac From the cover I went in expecting a boxer type who was kinda blue collar and rough around the edges Yeah, and maybe a little dirty heh I can see what the author was trying to accomplish, but there is a difference between a character who is a little dim, to someone who needs a caregiver The elements needed to make good D s pairing were not apparent, the plot required a great deal of suspention of disbelief and I m afraid I found this a difficult read to finish Nice cover though Dane put his hands on his jeans and then hesitated If I take off my pants for you, it means I love you a little, okay Noel swallowed Love Yeah, see, I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn t screw anyone without caring about them, even a little, so I always find some kind of love inside me before I take off my pants So I m no different from those other men No, you are I m just telling you that if I show you my parts, it s because I love you as long as that s okay with you I won t love you if you say I m not allowed He didn t have a problem doing it with some bald guy with a tattoo of Bambi on his head in the back of an alley Did he love him a little too DNF at 17%.
All Dane Connelly wants is to be a great boxer and find the love of his life It seems he finally got an answer to one of his prayers the day he met Noel Atherton at the University library where Dane works as a janitor The attraction was instantaneous and beneficial for the two because Dane brings out the protective side of Noel while Noel answer s Dane s unspoken need of being valued Problem is, Noel s father doesn t approve of their relationship and will stop at nothing to keep them apart.
I think the strongest aspect of the story is with Dane s characterization Described as having a body like Superman and eyes like Bambi I couldn t help but fall in love with is child like optimism and positive outlook in life He is good natured almost to the point of being naive so it s heartbreaking to

I was very impressed with this story And while it contained enough sad moments to not re read it any time soon, it was also beautiful, heart wrenching and touching It reminded me a bit of Tim.
The only small things that bothered me were that there was no clear delineation of the passage of time and the sad story of Arthur s past view spoiler I can understand we all make mistakes, but I found it hard to believe that all the hateful things Noel s father did were because of his own failed relationship with his former male lovers Or that he could be capable of kindness after having years to harden his heart hide spoiler AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP I enjoyed this book so much that I find myself going every few days to bask in pure love of the main men.
Dane is a boxer, scarred and considered not very smart because of the way he looks and talks His appearance says strong and tough but never was there a man gentle and fragile He is a just a poor man searching for someone to love and to have someone love him in return working as a janitor at a local university he meets the man he is destined to love but Noel is way out of his league A rich and smart man he could never grow to love a boxer as scarred and unintelligent as he is.
Noel has no idea whether he is gay or straight, having no sexual experience since an accident left him disabled with a busted leg Any form of sexual excitement leaves his leg hurting and his ego small He cant help but being drawn to the beautiful Dane his inno When I first began reading this, I found Dane s voice to be so endearing that my hopes were rather high that this would be a great read, but it just kept disappointing me.
Dane s looking for the right man who will look past his brawn and take care of him He wants love and a real relationship, not just a series of anonymous romps in back alleys He thinks he s found his perfect man in Noel People often take advantage of Dane because they see a big guy who s a little slow and they figure that that s all there is to him But Dane is a very sweet character, the kind you cheer on and hope gets his happy ending He reminds me of a cross between Rocky Balboa Rocky and Ray Kowalski Due South He s got Rocky s simplicity and heart, and Ray s speech patterns and energy.
Despite how endearing I found him, Dane s characterization is inco

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