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ñ One More Theory About Happiness Ù Download by ↠´ Paul Guest Paul Guest Was A Normal Year Old, Fascinated With The Old Firecrackers His Grandfather Kept In A Jar He D Break Them Up And Set Fire To The Rupture, Creating Showers Of Sparks The Day After He Graduated From Grade School, He Borrowed A Bicycle, Lost Control, And Flipped It Lying On The Ground, Unable To Feel His Body Below His Neck, What He Thought Was Blood Running From His Nose Was, In Fact, Spinal FluidGuest Would Never Again Have The Use Of His Arms Or Legs Even So, He Says He Was Lucky If I Couldn T Lift My Arms I Could Breathe I Could Feel I No Longer Had To Be, Or Even Could Be, Who I Once Was What I Once Was I Was Broken And New One More Theory About Happiness Is Among The Rarest Of books Humbling, Heartbreaking, And Suffused With Joy Guest Must Learn To Navigate The Rest Of His Life In A Wheelchair An Immobilizing Halo Is Screwed Into His Skull There Are Diapers And Suctions Basic Bodily Functions Are No Longer Private The Simplest Daily Tasks Require Help Yet Every Agony Is Met With Hope, Each Humiliation With Dignity, Moments Of Despair Banished By An Extraordinary Capacity For Gratitude If You Ve Never Laughed And Cried At The Same Time, Guest S Book Will Change That His Language Is Pure Poetry, And His Simple, Amazing Grace Redefines That World Weary Word, Hero In These Lyrical, Searing Pages, Guest Manages To Break Our Hearts And Put Them Back Together Again Ann Hood, Author Of The Red Thread easy read, short book was just an ok read.
I won this book on Goodreads First reads Paul takes us into his life from when he was 12 yrs old and had a bicycle accident which left him paralyzed This book tells of great courage to go on and overcome the challenges that we face when something tragic happens Paul has had than his fair share of obsticles to overcome I wish the author would have told us about his inner feelings Example instead of saying he was scared, I needed of a description Some places it felt like he was telling the facts but not giving us his feelings The times I felt of the passion coming through in his memoir is when he would meet a female Especially at the end with his epilogue I felt at times he is pissed at the world, but hell I d be pissed to if I had to go through everything he s been through There are other

Even though I have never read any of the his poetry, as I read One More Theory About Happiness, author Paul Guest s CV as a poet came shining through every word I felt like I was reading a long autobiographical prose poem rather than a short memoir When he is 12 years old, Guest borrows a broken down bike at a teacher s house and accidentally crashes it into a ditch, breaking both arms and fracturing his vertebrae This book shares the results of this accident hospitalization, and paralysis Guest takes readers through these life changing experiences with a narration in which every word seems to be carefully and perfectly chosen to express what was happening to his body and mind at the time His descriptions of the spinal injury hospital he stays in for a while after his accident are especially striking, somehow managing to be both horrifying and comforti This memoir is about how Paul Guest became a quadriplegic at the age of 12, and how he has lived his life since then It was a bike accident and then someone, despite his protests, picked him up which might have done further damage, although he ll never know He writes almost dispassionately about the humilitations, the phantom pains, the difficult adjustments he had to make How to go to school and learn with the help of an aide How to make friends again, how to handle it when people treated him like he was going to break It s evident that he keeps emotion at bay because he doesn t want pity, but of course the reader feels badly for him He writes of his parents and their loving care, and he writes of the difficult emotions he had to cope with as he began to want a girlfriend I was glad to read that he graduated from college and found work.
I m very glad I read his book and I d

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