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↠´ Read ç Kingdom Without Borders by Miriam Adeney á Much better book than I anticipated The author doesn t just list facts but tells the story of Global Christianity throughwellstories Each chapter is dedicated to a different region of the world She goes into what the church is doing and how it is spreading and the obstacles it is facingboth external obstacles and just as important internal ones.
Review from 2009 This looked like a great book, so I grabbed a copy Miriam Adeney has a great story telling voice, and I only wish that I had heardof it in this work I didn t find it as compelling as Daughters of Islam Building Bridges With Muslim Women, her earlier book, which gives Christian women a better understanding of life for some Islamic women.
In this work, however, some of the factual prose about organizations seemed hastily written and unenlightening The book as a whole felt to me like it was rushed and written quickly, and with so many good stories, I found that a bit sad.
BUT the stories alone are worth a read, and overall, Adeney gives a strong picture of some parts of Christianity around the world, through personal the narratives of people in Asia, Africa, and the Americas Worth a read The Twenty First Century Has Opened With A Rapidly Changing Map Of Christianity While Its Influence Is Waning In Some Of Its Traditional Western Strongholds, It Is Growing At A Phenomenal Pace In The Global South And Yet This Story Has Largely Eluded The Corporate News Brokers Of The West Layered As It Is With Countless Personal And Corporate Stories Of Remarkable Faith And Witness, It Nevertheless Lies Ghostlike Behind The Newsprint And Webpages Of Our Print Media, Outside The Camera S Vision On The Network Evening News Miriam Adeney Has Lived, Traveled And Ministered Widely She Has Walked With Christians In And From The Far Reaches Of The Globe As She Pulls Back The Veil On Real Christians Their Faith, Their Hardships, Their Triumphs And, Yes, Their Failures An Inspiring And Challenging Story Of A Kingdom That Knows No Borders Takes Shape This Is A Book That Coaxes Us Out Of Our Comfortable Lives It Beckons Us To Expand Our Vision And Experience Of The Possibilities And Promise Of A Faith That Continues To Shape Lives, Communities And Nations This book had some powerful stories about the global church Not super cohesive in flow, but powerful stories.
This is an absolute cracking book and one that everyone interested in the development of the Church around the world must read It isn t a book about statistics, graphs and projections it is simply a book of stories Sometimes books of this sort can be a little disjointed with little to link the different narratives that go to make up the book In this case, the author has done a great job of making the stories flow into chapters each of which revolves around a single theme Sometimes the themes are geographical, sometimes the areabstract, but it seems to work well.
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net p 2961 Through her plentiful travel, Adeney has collected a dazzling wealth of stories on how God s Kingdom is moving forward globally These stories brought me to tears Some made me angry Others were deeply encouraging and inspired worship.
Of course, this work isthan anecdotes The author demonstrates a high level of understanding of global economics and complex factors that contribute to systemic injustices not that I m really qualified to lay my stamp of approval She also communicates how national and global political, sociological, and religious trends are impacting the church in different parts of the world This book is really a beautiful marriage of story and stats which contribute to a richer sort of learning about God s borderless kingdom.
The only chapter I really cared for was chapter two on the persecution going on with Christian s in China It s not that it was poorly written but I am very picky when it comes to collective writings Besides , I preferdetails when it comes to humans and their situations But I d recommend it for people who want to know whats going on with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ It can be eye opening if you know nothing of the persecution going on.

I was given this book to review for the church librarian newsletter She is a professor of global urban ministries at Seattle Pacific The witness of Christians around the world in very tough, unfriendly countries and how much they have to endure for their faith was amazing.
There didn t seem to be anything to distinguish one chapter from the other, other then location She could have made it stronger I felt Total review with be on .
I enjoyed this book It felt a little long towards this end, and parts felt a little disjointed, but all in all Adeney painted a rich and beautiful picture of God s work in the world It was both informative and inspiring, helping me to connect with the ways God is moving that I do not get to see or hear about Very well done.
Dr Miriam Adeney is a Professor of Global and Urban Ministries at my alma mater, Seattle Pacific University She also teaches at Regent College in Canada I ve never taken a class from her or even heard her speak, but when a free copy of one of her books landed in my hands, I thought I would give it a try.
In Kingdom Without Borders, Adeney attempts to give us a snapshot of global Christianity As has been well documented elsewhere, the balance in the Christian church has shifted There are nowChristians in the global South than there are in the global North Adeney does not want to give us facts and figures, or even discuss what this shift means for the theology or polity of the church Rather, she hopes to give he

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