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☆ Read ☆ The Risk of Being Ridiculous by Guy Maynard ☆ A young aimless radical in the 60s poignant story at the same time you want to tell the young man to grow up or wonder what happened to you that you did grow up.
Painful to read because the emotions and weaknesses of the protagonist reminded me of my own at that age The book feels autobiographical The author uses terms that have long sunk into nonuse Freak, for example, a word that was actually used at the time to describe a person Hippie is now used but, to my recollection, that word was never in common use, outside of the media.
fairly compelling for most of it, maybe just because of the familiarity for my generation, but the end was a big disappointment with no real resolution, insights, notions of what was to happen to the characters, etc Should have been labeled as a memoir zzzzzzzz

I m 70% done and I don t think I can finish it I like the characters but I do not feel like they are going anywhere I m worried the author is leading me to nowhere and a let down I met Guy at a book fair in Oregon a month ago We exchanged books He s a damned good writer.
I was 35 years old teaching eighth grade students in 1969, the year the action of this novel begins to take place Having been straight and liberal all my life, I was curious to read about the attitudes and life style of counter culture kids at that time It took me awhile to begin to appreciate the main character and his friends about 70 pages , but then their vulnerabilities and sense of humanity took hold I recognized quite clearly the parallel between kids of college age raging then against the draft, the Vietnam War, racism, and abusive law enforcement and the anger that young people and the rest of us who care about humanity feel today as demonstrated by the Occ It S BostonAnd Nineteen Year Old Ben Tucker Lives In A Funky Apartment On Mountfort Street With His Tribe Of Fellow Long Haired Freaks Together They Mix Radical Street Politics, A Love Of Rock Of Roll, And Celebratory Drug Use In Their Desperate Search For Lives That Make Sense In A World Distorted By War, Racism, And Bankrupt ValuesRidiculous Takes You On A Passionate, Lyrical Six Week Ride Through Confrontation And Confusion, Courts And Cops, Parties And Politics, School And The Streets, Weathermen And Women S Liberation, Acid And Activism, Revolution And Reaction And, Of Course, Love As Through It All, Ben Feverishly Pursues The Long Shot Desire Of His Life Sarah Stein

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