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[ Pdf The Mountain and the Valley È dungeons-and-dragons PDF ] by Ernest Buckler ë It feels rude to give a book fewer stars because the protagonist is the worst, but also the protagonist is the worst Language is lovely, but pettiness runs through the novel like an underground river.
The author s loving description of the farm in the Annapolis family, along side his lyrical description of the natural features in The Mountain and the Valley, enhance this moving story with the twin themes of family and loneliness.
The Mountain and the Valley Is An Affectionate Portrait Of David Canaan, A Sensitive Boy Who Becomes Increasingly Aware Of The Difference That Sets Him Apart From His Family And His Neighbours David S Desire To Write Is The Secret That Gives This Haunting Story Its Detailed Focus And Its Poignant ThemeSet In The Years Leading Up To World War II And Against The Backdrop Of The Annapolis Valley S Natural Beauty, The Mountain and the Valley Captures A Young Man S Spiritual Awakening And The Gradual Growth Of Artistic Vision One of my favourite Canadian Lit books If I would have rated this after the first time I read it, I would have given it 5 stars then, I was young and impressionable After a second, analytical read, I still think it is a beautiful and well written story, but it could flow a little better Everything about this book is subtle, which convey s the sense of lose and loneliness all the readily Spoiler there is a death at the end of this novel that is utterly beautiful in its description and sentiment Utterly sad too but then all my favourite books are melancholy ones I cried after the first time I read it, not sure I did so after the second One of the most hauntingly beautiful books I have ever read of how our lives are wasted in dreaming and never actualized.
They made us read this book in high school in New Brunswick and I hated it.
I was required to read this book for a Canadian Literature course in University It became of one my favourites I could really relate to some of the feelings that David has about life.
read this for our latest book club It was not well received, particularly The writing was appreciated and some parts of the story like Ellen s rug making and her stories that flowed from that but on the whole it was found to be depressing The discussion arising from it was good None of us are spurred on to read anything else by Buckler, but we are glad that we did read it, since it was so well received when it was published and is considered a classic It certainly did capture the era after WW1 and into WW2, and all the changes to rural life that ensued.

I loved this book both for the quality of the writing and the sensitively drawn characters This book touched me at a deep personal level which is the reason I give it 5 stars The story is centred on a family and the community they live in within a valley The valley is where they all live but it the mountain that represents their own struggles with personal demons and fears Each one is scarred and flawed in some way and yet each one is needed David feels things painfully because he overthinks things His intelligence does not compensate him for physical weakness a heart condition from birth possibly until at the end of life when he recognises that he also has something to give.
The story is separated into sections, the title of each signifying the major theme of that section.
Wonderful to read this again It is a quiet story with a kind of deafening urgency to it David Canaan, the protagonist, is born with the condition of universality in him He is an adaptable young man and highly sensitive to his family and the rural community that surrounds him But he is struggling to develop his own voice as an artist When David closed his eyes at night, all the strange horde of imagination swarmed, seething, into his brain the bewildering multiplicity of memory, the teeming variety of perception, the infinite permutations of speech Also, the book has what I d still rate one of the warmest descriptions of a family advent and Christmas ever written It is a moment of sheltered childhood suspended in time for us to look at.

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